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Fuel cell, in ENSM Nantes campus

As an Engineering College, the ENSM develops research activities within three axis :
- Maritime safety and security : vessel, MRE fields, drones and cybersecurity.
- Energy efficiency : new ship propulsion systems such as gas, hydrogen, scrubbers…
- Protection of the environment : innovations towards maritime environment.
The ENSM studies the innovations statutory requirements and suggests evolutions

The Academy integrates collaborative projects with large industrial groups, SMEs, start-ups and players of higher education. Among these projects, the following should be noted: the bridge of the future, propulsion using a kite sail and new equipment to enhance navigation safety.

The students participate in the research activities according to their specialities :

- The Engineer-level seafarer course
includes the writing of a dissertation which subjects can be suggested by the ENSM, related to the research programmes or maritime innovations. These works enable, through a personal reflection, the suggestion of innovations and a collaboration with shipowners or industrials, the future potential recruiters .

- The Eco ship management and Offshore maintenance manager courses include a work and research studies module to train the future project leaders. The subjects suggested by the industrials, related to the specialities, are carried out in M1 with teams of two to four students

Examples of Dissertation Subjects

Engineer-level Seafarer : Within the bridge of the future project, study of the Man-Machine interface ergonomy of the conning display and the information contextualization. Evolution of a mixed weather routeing. Enhancement of a vessel’s IT safety. The use a the ship data towards energy optimisation

Maritime engineering : Treatment of the exhaust gases of ships’ diesel engines. Installation of batteries and/or supercondensers onboard the Loire ferries. Statutory aspects and certification of the ship Plastic Odyssey…

Contact the dissertations managers :
Engineer-level Seafarer : Gersende Le Dimna - gersende.le-dimna@supmaritime.fr
Maritime Engineering : Alban Salmon - alban.salmon@supmaritime.fr

List of projects

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