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Fuel cell, in ENSM Nantes campus

Research is a strong development axis for ENSM, which offers a real strategy for the coming years. It is under the Managing Director’s authority and led by a research projects coordinator

The research general policy is based on  :
• Main orientations :
- Building the long-term research foundations
- Structuring the Academy’s expertise on thematic axis
- Relying on a development plan

• A research strategy :
- Progression (scientific and technical)
- Partnerships (industrial, academic and institutional partners)
- Transfer of the results towards training
- Validation (conferences, conventions, publications).

• Three main expertise and research themes :
- Production of energy
- Protection of the environment
- Maritime safety and security

The ongoing or finished works are part of collaboration projects with large businesses, with SMEs and academic economic players :
- Equipment kit for the protection of the vessel against piracy
-Decision-making tool for ports, regional or local communities, companies and industrial clusters who invest in the sector of the maintenance of wind energy systems
- New generation of fast and fuel- efficient working vessels
- Towing system using a kite-surf sail

Regulatory aspects for the ship of the future in the research sector, ENSM shares the objectives of other engineering schools :
- Take up the key social issues at stake such as energy efficiency, mobility, information and the protection of the environment.
- Offer strategic insight to socio-economic partners
- Set up supporting collaborations on a national and international level with internship offers or academic exchanges for students.

List of projects

- 2OM

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