Perfectionnement à la Soudure


All public


Having attended the 15-hour initial course


Being able to make complicated units by oxyacethylen process and electric arc.


4 days / 30 hours




Tutorial 1 (4 h):
– Review of the oxyacethylen process
–Tests of inner and outer angle
– How to use shears
– Reading of the working plan for tutorial 2
– Analysis of the manufacturing process
Tutorial 2 (4 h):
Making of a unit thickness 2 by oxyacethylen welding
Tutorial 3 (4 h):
–Review of the process of electric arc with electrode
– Safety review
– Making a test piece over 2 hours
Tutorial 4 (4 h):
– Safety review for the use of the electric grinder
– Demonstration of the chamfered preparation for full penetration joining on thickness 10
– Demonstration of the preparation welding
– Making of the test piece over 2 hours
Tutorial 5 (4 h):
– Tubes welding
– Methodology to repair faulty welds with or without grinding
– Welding in a given position (up)
– Semi-automatic welding and ventilated hood
Tutorial 6 (4 h):
Making of a unit. With tube diameter 42
Tutorial 7 (4 h):
– Review of the use of shears
– Making of a unit
Tutorial 8 (2 h):
– Oxycutting of the test piece made in tutorials 3 and 4
– Observing the cutting of welds
– Checking the dimensioning and the full penetration


Saint Malo


ENSM’s lecturers


Ongoing assessment during training

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