Lathe Work – Advanced training

For who

All public


Previous participation to the “Initiation to lathe work” course.


Being able to produce a complex unit using a lathe.


5 days / 40 hours


DAY 1:


Worshop presentation: Metrology; Reading exercise; Calliper

Depth gauge


Gap gauge


Description of a lathe: Safety tests; Reading of cutting speed charts according to metals and tools; Reading of the different scale drums; The different cutting tools

Afternoon :

– Reading  of blueprints

– Tool assembly on the tool turret

– Centring of the unit on the chuck

– Calculation and set up of the automatic speed feeds

– Marking the points of origin

– Dressing a unit

– Length set up

– Tidying the work station

DAY 2:

– Brief Review of Day 1

– Turning, diameter set up

– Diameter and length set up

– Making several shoulder sections on the unit

– Tidying the work station

DAY 3:

– Drilling theory

– Drilling (respecting the diameter and the depth of the drilling)

– Machining a unit (choosing the tools, the methodology)

– Tidying the work station

DAY 4:

– Reviewing day 3 on drilling

– Drilling a unit

– Theory of conical assembling

– Machining two conical units (male and female)

– Tidying the work station

DAY 5:

– Theory of mechanical assembling

– Threading (ISO profile, other profiles)

– Making threading

– Tidying the work station

– Course debriefing


Saint-Malo Campus

Teaching staff

ENSM professors


Ongoing assessment during training


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