Professional integration of ENSM’s graduates – 2017

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In 2017, The French Maritime Academy -ENSM carried out two surveys on the professional integration of its 2016 Merchant Navy Higher Studies Diploma (DESMM)’ graduates.
Two courses led to graduation: the 5th and final year of the former programme and the Engineer-level Seafarer programme. The results are presented below.

Suvey carried out on the second promotion of ENSM’s engineer-level officers

80% of the 146 students having done the M2 in 2016, on the Le Havre campus, answered the survey.

Three months after graduating, the professional integration rate was 83% : 95 have a job, 20 are looking for a job and 1 is studying.
73% found they first job within two months.
95% twork in the maritime sector. 95% have officers’ positions in the merchant navy, of which 80%, have a fixed-term contract, 11% a permanent contract, 5% work Freelance and 2% are still in professionalisation contracts.

7% of the holders of the 2016 DESMM have an employer located overseas.

44,4% work on passenger vessels and Ro-Ros, 14,4% on containerships, 12,2% on oil tankers, 11,1% on bulk carriers, 10% on survey vessels, 3,2% offshore, 2,2% in the fishery and 1,1% on general cargo ships.

50% earn a salary  higher than €36 000 bgross without bonuses. The average yearly gross salary without bonuses is €34 441.

Survey carried out on the DESMM 2016 promotion (former programme) a year after graduating

The survey carried out in 2017 by the French Maritime Academy – ENSM on the 142 students who graduated in June 2016 got an answer rate of 76,8%.

In the computer graphics below, the information between brackets shows the trend compared to last year.
The promotion’s professional integration rate is 91% : 87% have a job, 9% are unemployed, 1,8% are studying.
76% found their first job within two months.
100% work in the maritime sector, and 94% sail under a foreign flag.

96% are officers of the merchant navy, with a fixed-term contract for 50,5%, 39% have a permanent contract, 8,4% work freelance. 12% of their employers are located overseas.

29,8% work on passenger vessels and Ro-Ros, 17% on bulk carriers (dry bulk), 11,7% are on oil tankers, 10,6% on survey vessels,  5,3% offshore, 1,2% in port activities, 2,2% work in yachting and 1,1% in the fishery.

In 2017, the average gross salary of the young officers varies between €30 000 et €60 000 without bonuses. The median salary in 2016 is 39 268 gross per year without bonuses. It was €38400 in 2015.

 Published on 4 January 2018

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