Professional integration of ENSM’s graduates – 2016

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DESMM 2015 survey

A year after graduating from the merchant navy higher studies, what kind of jobs are French Maritime Academy‘s young officers doing?
For the first time in June 2016, ENSM carried out a survey of 155 students who graduated in June 2015, of which 139 answered which represents 90% (66,5).

With no reference year, the results to the survey of the « Conférence des grandes écoles » about engineer-level students are given in brackets.

A professional integration rate of 91% (83)

The survey gives a rather high rate to job access a year after graduating :
– Among the respondents 122 are working and 12 are looking for a job, which gives an integration rate* of 91% (83).
*Integration rate= workers + volunteers/workers +volunteers+ job seekers
88 % (68,5) of the graduates are working and 39% (44) had found a job before graduating, 9% (14,4) are unemployed and 3% (8,5) are studying
67% (65) found a job within two months
98,4% are working in the maritime sector, 95,5% under French flag 1st register and RIF
48,4% (89,8) have a permanent contract, 41,8% have a fixed-term contract and 8,2% are working freelance.

79,5% have a job at an operational level
– Out of the 139 respondents, 122 are working, of which 120 in the maritime sector and 111 are officers
97 are working at an operational level : 59 deck officers, 37 engine officers, 1 electro-technician officer
10 have a position at a management level : 3 are captains, 6 chief officers, 1 second engineer
4 have other types of position : expertise, ship planning, FFSO supervisor, technique.

94% (91%) of the 2015 DESMM are working in the private sectoré
75,8% are working in maritime transport : 38,2% in passenger carrying, 12,7% in dry bulk, 11,7% in container carrying, 7,6% in liquid bulk or gas, 6,8% in the offshore sector, 5,9% in oil carrying, 5,9% on survey vessels, 3,4% in the fishing sector, 2,5% % in yachting and 0,8% in other goods carrying.

An average yearly salary without bonuses of €38400
ENSM graduates : 50% earn more than 38400 (34 346) gross without bonuses and more than 40700 (37 087) per year including bonuses. 75,8 % of the graduates work at an international level.

91,7% of the graduates are content with their job
The graduates give an average mark of 15,2/20 for their training (4/5) and 94,2% think that the training fits the needs of their job.

Read the survey’s results (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles)
Read the survey’s results (DESMM)

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