Saturday 22 January

Open Doors 2022


Open doors day – Marseille

Saturday 22, January 2022

The Open Doors Day at the Marseille site will take place on Saturday, 22 January 2022, on its site located at 39 Avenue du Corail.

Registration for this open day is mandatory before January 21 at 4:00 pm. You can register now.

⚠️ Individual registrations are required as well as the presentation of a valid health pass.

Groups of 120 people will be welcomed in the main amphitheatre at 9am, 11am and 1pm
This open day will be an opportunity to attend a presentation of the training programs, to visit the simulators, the bridge, the steam plant and to obtain information on recruitment: professions, careers, jobs, international opportunities, research.

Come and meet the students and former students of the French Maritime Academy ENSM, the professors, the management team and the students department who are delighted to welcome the high school students who will become officers of the Merchant navy in Marseille!

You will be able to ask them all your questions about the training for a merchant navy officer, in the deck department, in the engine department, and as dual-purpose officers, and to discover everything about the career prospects:

  • Ingénieur navigant/Merchant Navy Officer Unlimited
  • Ingénieur en génie maritime
  • Officer in charge of an engineering watch /Chief Engineer 8000 kW – OCQM/CM8000
  • Officer in charge of a Bridge Watch /Master 3000 – OCQPI/Master 3000

You will get practical information on the programs, specializations, student life and access procedures to put all the chances on your side.


Practical information

Download the training flyers

Download the new admissions flyer

Contact the FMA:


39, avenue du Corail – 13285 Marseille Cedex 08
T.  +33(0)9 70 00 04 72