Engineer level seafarer competitive entrance exam

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Engineer level seafarer competitive entrance exam

Admission by competitive entrance exam

The exam is of a high-school final year in Sciences level and is open to all final year pupils whatever the baccalauréat.
In 2018, 110 places were available for the competitive exam to the first class officer of the merchant navy training course.
All the next exam’s terms will be included in the decree which will be published at the beginning of 2018 and available on this website.


The competitive exam is composed of four written examinations :
1. Two examinations in Sciences of a final year scientific baccalaureat level :
– a Maths exam
– a Physics exam
2. A French and general knowledge exam.
3. An English exam.

The programme for these examinations is available in the annexes of the prevailing decree.
The exams are marked between 0 and 20. The marks below 6/20 are eliminatory

The type, duration and coefficients for the examinations of the competitive exam are shown in the table below :
– Mathematics (1) – 2 hours (duration) and coefficient 1
– Physics (1) – 2 hours (duration) and coefficient 1
– French and general knowledge (2) – 3 hours (duration) and coefficient 1
– English (2) – 2 hours (duration) and coefficient 1

(1) – The use of a formulary is forbidden..The use of an electronic calculator  with autonomous operation, non-programmable, not programmed, non-printing, with unique input by keypad is solely authorised
(2) – The use of a calculator and/or a dictionary is forbidden

Admission by Student Records

The admission by records is open to candidates holding a university degree with a scientific or technique specialisation of a level equal to the one of the first cycle of higher education or who attended the second year of the preparatory classes to the entrance to the « grandes écoles ».
It is not open to non European foreign candidates.
A decree from the ministry of the sea decides in January 2018 on the number of places. (for your information only, in 2017: 20 places)

Read the school fees for the academic year 2018 – 2019.


For both recruitment methods :
Registration for the academic year 2019-2020 will open in January 2019.
– The school records, a CV and an application letter will be asked.
– Registration fee for the exam : €60


The results will be issued before 14th July 2019.

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