Victorien Erussard, former student and captain of the “Energy Observer”’s project

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Victorien Erussard, former ENSM student (on the left), captain of the « Energy Observer »’s project, first ship able to produce her own hydrogen.

Édouard Philippe and Nicolas Hulot on board the « ENERGY OBSERVER » in Saint Malo

The Prime Minister Édouard Philippe and its Ecology Minister, Nicolas Hulot, boarded on Friday 25 August the Energy Observer catamaran, designed as a floating laboratory for renewable energies. They sailed during one hour in the Saint-Malo bay before speaking to the press.

«The technologies experimented on board the « Energy Observer » have not been finalised yet but they are realistic solutions, admitted the Prime Minister. And it is this technological and industrial adventure that we’re interested in. Indeed, we still don’t know which technology will supersede the others, it will maybe be many solutions, as the « Energy Observer » offers, but it is nonetheless important to encourage innovation »

He also conceded, as Nicolas Hulot, that it was still « often difficult to take a step into the industrial launch of these renewable energies », and also said that the government’s role was to encourage initiatives such as the one of this vessel.

Read the full article “Édouard Philippe et Nicolas Hulot à bord d’ENERGY OBSERVER à Saint Malo in Le Marin – 25/08/2017

Energy Observer: « rather incredible » perspectives for the hydrogen sector (E. Philippe)

Energy Observer, first ship able to produce her own hydrogen from sea water and renewable energies, launches « rather incredible » perspectives for the sector, declared the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Friday in Dinard (Ile-et Vilaine). After sailing in the bay of Saint-Malo on board the experimental catamaran, accompanied by Nicolas Hulot, Ecology Minister, Edouard Philippe, acknowledged, when speaking to the press in Dinard’s marina, “the incredible innovation of the ship (…) which is quite inspiring”

« It was the right way to discover the rather incredible perspectives of the hydrogen sector. We can acknowledge the considerable potential of (…) the transformation of transport and the use of energy sources », he underlined, adding that « the question is the way to produce it »

Hydrogen contains up to three times more energies per unit of mass than gasoil and 2.5 times than natural gas. Moreover, its combustion rejects neither CO2 nor fine particles, but it is today produced at 96% from fossil energies. The goal of Energy Observer is to show that it can be produced from renewable energies, solar and wind. Besides 130 m2 of solar panels, the ship is equipped with two wind turbines with a vertical axis, a traction sail as well as a fuel cell to produce electricity from the stored hydrogen

Read the full article “Energy Observer: des perspectives “assez incroyables” pour la filière hydrogène (E. Philippe)” on Marines et Océans – 25/08/2017
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