Open days 2021 in Le Havre and Saint-Malo

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French Maritime Academy Open days will take place online on on the Saturday 30th January 2021 for Saint-Malo and le Havre campuses.


La french maritime academy open days for Le Havre and Saint-Malo campuses will take place online on the Saturday 30th January 2021.

Registration is required before the 29th of January at noon. You can register below. The day before the open day (in the afternoon), you will receive an email with a link to connect to the visioconference.

Register to the open day online :

6 sessions (3 for Le Havre and 3 for Saint-Malo), Choose 1 :

    • 09h : Visioconference Le Havre (almost 1 hour)
    • 10h : Visioconference Saint-Malo (almost 1 hour)
    • 11h : Visioconference Le Havre (almost 1 hour)
    • 13h : Visioconference Saint-Malo (almost 1 hour)
    • 14h : Visioconference Le Havre (almost 1 hour)
    • 15h : Visioconference Saint-Malo (almost 1 hour)

Click here to register

Open day of Saint-Malo deals with mechanic studies only (OCQM).

Visioconferences will be presentations of directors, lecturers and former students.

You can ask your questions by chat about studies and career.

You will obtain informations about programs, specialities, student life and new modalities for registration.

All along the day, you can discover new videos of thes campuses (le Havre and Saint-malo), simulators and classrooms, on the website and on Facebook .

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