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Public management body : French Maritime Academy (ENSM), scientific, cultural and professional public institution located 10, quai Frissard in Le Havre (76600), represented by Patrice Laporte, Managing Director

Object of the notice in question : An economic operator applied to the French Maritime Academy for occupying a part of the State’s public domain it manages in order to carry out a construction and operation project of a vocational training centre specialized in the maritime sector

The notice in question aims at making the public aware of this spontaneous expression of interest and to enable any third party susceptible to be interested in the occupation of the campus under the public domain to manifest any interest for carrying out a project, conformed to the article’s provision L.2122-1-4 of the general code of public person’s property (CG3P).

Description of the concerned dependency of the public domain : an average area of 12,000 m2 on the French Maritime Academy’ s Marseille campus situated 39, avenue du Corail 13008 Marseille, belonging to the State’s public domain, managed by the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) in accordance of a usage agreement signed on 20 April 2016 conformed to the provisions of the articles R.2313-1 to R.2313-5 and R.4121-2 of the CG3P; and in accordance with the amendment authorizing the French Maritime Academy to deliver the Temporary Occupation Agreement (COT)

Nature of the activity proposed by the operator : Design and operation of a project funded by the applicant

Duration of the occupation: Planned for 30/40 years

Intended legal status for the occupation : Temporary Occupation Agreement (COT) of the public domain constituting real rights

The occupation will be compatible with the consolidation and development of maritime education of the French Maritime Academy’s Marseille campus, with a potential for educational, technical and outreach synergies of the Academy.

This occupation will have a temporary authorisation and a precarious and revocable nature

The occupation will have to be compatible with the use of the public domain, the French Maritime Academy functioning and the delivery of its mission and will not create nuisance or conflicts for the institution or its users, such as noise, traffic, parking, safety and security

Any development of the area will be done according to the occupier’s account and risks and who will take full responsibility

In case the development of the COT would hypothetically lead to any shift of activities or equipment necessary to the proper functioning of the Academy, they shall be restored to the occupier’s own and solely accounts

Royalty : conformed to the provisions in article L.2125-1 of the CG3P, the occupation of the public domain will entitle the Academy with the payment of a royalty which will include any advantages procured to the beneficiary of the occupation title

Presentation of the applications for the occupation of the State’s domain :

Any competing manifestation of interest can be submitted from the publication of the notice in question until 20 May 2019 midnight:


  • either by registered post with proof of receipt, or delivered by hand against a receipt at the institution’s opening hours (9.00 am to 4.00 pm) at the following address :

Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime  – 10 quai Frissard

76600 LE HAVRE

You will have to mention on the envelop « Proposition dans le cadre de l’appel à manifestation d’intérêt pour une occupation temporaire du domaine public – NE PAS OUVRIR ».

The posts which will arrive after the above deadline or in an unsealed envelop will not be taken into account

The potential competing manifestation of interest will have to include the following items, as to ensure the seriousness of the proposed project

  • A letter of manifestation of interest for the occupation of the aforementioned campus;
  • A document introducing the candidate ;
  • A certificate of incorporation not older than 3 months or any equivalent document;
  • The updated status certified conformed by the candidate legal person
  • A document presenting the intended activity project (3 pages max) ;
  • A document presenting the measures and other means (technical, economical, financial…) requested for the project (10 pages max)

Following the advertising phase, a selection will be carried out between the potential candidates to the occupation of the campus according to criteria and terms mentioned below

Procedure :

 Case n°1 : If one or more candidates manifest their interest to occupy the public domain hereby referred to in the conditions defined in the notice in question, the French Maritime Academy will put in place a preliminary selection procedure in order to choose the most attractive project while ensuring the candidates all the required guarantees in terms of treatment and transparency

To this end, all the candidates, having manifested an interest and handed in a conformed application, will be asked to download a file for a preliminary selection procedure which will include the rules of the preliminary selection and the following appreciation criteria for information purposes only  :

  • the technical and financial guarantees brought by the future occupier,
  • the potential synergies with the Academy’s activities,
  • the compatibility of the occupation with the use of the public domain,
  • the project quality, mainly architectural, and its insertion in the campus,
  • the financial conditions of the occupation, mainly the occupation royalty

The propositions will be analysed on the basis of the required documents in the procedure file aforementioned and according to the criteria defined in this file. The Academy will possibly offer to one or more candidates to negotiate, after which the latter will be asked to hand in a final proposal within a deadline and format.

 Case n°2 : Conformed to the provisions of the article L.2122-1-3 of the CG3P, if no other candidate manifests a competing interest before the aforementioned deadline, the French Maritime Academy will reserve the right to deliver to the operator having spontaneously manifested an interest, the requested occupation title of the public domain to carry out the planned activity.

Estimated occupation date :  end of 2019 at the latest in case n°1, summer 2019 in case n°2

Additional information : all concerned candidates can request additional information before 3 May 2019 at the latest:

  • administrative from Alexandra BEAUGRAND, Director of Corporate Services, ;

For your own information :  an answer will be given within 10 calendar days.





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