ENSTA ParisTech and ENSM launch a course on autonomous maritime systems

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Following the signature of a strategic partnership in January 2017, both engineer level colleges with complementary expertise, matching technical excellence to jobs functions, are planning to train new versatile talents specialized in autonomous maritime systems. Right from September 2018, the Specialised Master DEMAS – Design and Exploitation of Autonomous Maritime Systems – approved by the Grandes Ecoles Conference, will open.

This new course meets the growing demand of the autonomous systems applications field in the maritime sector. The ROV (remotely operated vehicles) and AUV (autonomous underwater vehicles) are totally present in the maritime landscape, either for maintenance operations or exploration. New applications ideas are coming up with the advent of autonomous land transport systems, the growing use of onboard IA (decision-making aid), the existence of remote mapping and operation departments.

Focused on the design in a marine environment, decision-making autonomy and cybersecurity, the Specialised Master DEMAS programme also covers the teaching of advanced notions in systems engineering, in operations, in laws and regulations and in strategy and innovation, in order to supplement the knowledge by an operational approach

The objective of the course is to provide the students with a double competence. The latter will thus be referents able to master the stakes of the ongoing programmes on autonomous maritime systems.

The education provided aims to train high level technical senior managers specialized in autonomous maritime systems which include: integration and design of drone systems, the development of rapid controls for underwater robots, embedded systems engineering, developer for e-navigation and cyber-security for maritime computerized systems. It will lead to key jobs rather sought after within this ever growing field.

The course will mainly take place in ENSTA ParisTech on the Palaiseau campus (91). A one-week course is planned on ENSM’s Marseille campus

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ENSM : an overview

Heir to Colbert’s Hydrography Academies, ENSM has trained merchant navy officers for centuries. It welcomes 1,200 students over four campuses: Le Havre, Saint-Malo, Nantes and Marseille. In December 2016, the first promotion of merchant navy officers, holders of an engineer-level title, left the Academy.
In June 2018, the first maritime engineer-level graduates, Ecoship managers and Offshore maintenance managers will graduate in Nantes.

It associated itself with research projects in maritime and paramaritime sectors i.e energy production, protection of the environment, maritime safety and security, such as vessel of the future, AERONAV, PASSION, SEAWINGS…

ENSTA ParisTech: an overview

Heir to the Maritime Engineering Academy and “Grandes Ecole d’Ingénieurs” under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense, ENSTA ParisTech is a public higher studies and research Academy which delivers courses leading to a qualification, a three-year engineer-level programme, a Master, a doctoral degree, a Specialised Master and who develops high level applied research  in cooperation with industrial partners. It is particularly well-known by companies for its expertise in the sectors of transport, energy and complex industrial engineering systems. It is one of the application Academies for Ecole Polytechnique and thus welcomes polytechnic students but also students from the Ecole Normale Supérieure for their one-year intensive programme.

ENSTA ParisTech is very much involved in the development and the outreach of the French higher education, globally, nationally or locally: it is one of the founding members of the University Paris-Saclay, ParisTech and of the ENSTA group. And it has been a partner of Ecole Polytechnique since 2016..

You must register for the Specialised Master DEMAS on ENSTA ParisTech’s website.

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