ENSM’s Managing Director wishes the students a good academic year

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Dear students,

The success of the start-ups created by former students reveals the value of the training delivered at The French Maritime Academy (ENSM) and its students’  dynamism.

You can share with Victorien Erussard, Marin Jarry, Jean-Baptiste Sanchez, Simon Bernard, Alexandre Dechelotte, Fabien Burignot de Varenne, et Nils Joyeux  their pride they feel  of the success of their respective projects , and follow on the social medias Energy Observer, Plastic Odyssey, Sea proven, Zéphyr and Borée*.

The first ENSM Maritime Engineering cohort graduated in Nantes at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Once all the initial courses were integrated in the Bologna process (European system Degree, Master, Doctorate), which will make the exchanges with other European higher education Colleges easier, it is the concrete translation of the Academy’s will to open up, a will which was wanted when the ENSM was created in 2010.

In 2018, the Academy signed its new objectives and performance contract with the Minister in charge of the sea, ENSM’s roadmap for the next five years. While reorganizing itself, the Academy highlighted the lines which will provide the means to achieve its ambitions, from the international opening point of view to the growing of research and development activities.

The ENSM organises meetings with shipowners and industrials in order to accompany the students in their professional lives. It develops contacts and partnerships with foreign actors, making the international aspect a priority as its higher education counterparts do.

The rate of professional integration of the students who graduated in 2016 with a DESMM was 91% according to a survey carried out by OFIP in June 2017. The statistics about the 2017 cohort and the engine watchkeeping officer/chief engineer 8000kW courses will be available in October 2018. They will be published.

The job perspectives for officers in maritime transport are currently excellent and the future figures will, with no doubt, confirm what is foreseen.

I wish you a very enjoyable school year !

Patrice Laporte
Managing Director, DESMM 1983

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