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Information COVID19

ENSM at 19/03/2020


On 16 March 2020, the President of the Republic decided to take measures to reduce contacts and travel to the strictest minimum. A containment system is being put in place throughout the country as of Tuesday 17 March at 12:00 noon, for at least fifteen days.


Travel is prohibited except in the following cases, on condition that a certificate is provided for :

– To travel from home to work when teleworking is not possible

– Shopping for basic necessities in local shops;

– Going to a health professional;

– To travel for childcare or to help vulnerable people on the strict condition that they respect the barrier gestures;

– Exercise only on an individual basis, around the home and without any gathering.

The two documents necessary to circulate:

– the individual certificate, to be downloaded by clicking here or reproduced on plain paper;

– the employer’s certificate, to download by clicking here.

Read the advice on the website of the World Health Organization

FAQs on the World Health Organization’s website

Infringements of these rules are punishable by a fine of EUR 135. In case of doubt about these travel restrictions, you can consult the questions / answers by clicking here.



ENSM adapts


In order to fight against the spread of the virus and to respect the instructions of social distancing, in particular to limit travel, meetings and non-essential contacts, ENSM is adapting its mode of operation in accordance with the instructions of its supervision and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).

At stage 3, the four ENSM sites are closed.


Today, the competitions remain scheduled for 11 and 12 May for engineers, and 13 and 14 May 2020 for OCQM/8000kW.  Registration continues on until April 6, 2020 at noon (Paris time). Should conditions no longer allow it, candidates will be informed individually of the new selection method.

Selection interviews for the OCQPI training are suspended pending an improvement in the situation. If necessary, they will be conducted remotely by videoconference or will be replaced by another means (study of the file, etc.). Candidates will be informed individually.

The ENSM is proud of its students and former students on board and are uncertain about the dates of the rotations.




– Are the classes taking place?

The four ENSM sites are closed from March 16, 2020 at 6 p.m. and until further notice, for its initial and continuing education activities and administrative services. Distance learning (EAD) courses are being set up.

The administrative services are functioning, the payment of scholarships is ensured.


– What arrangements are being made for the pedagogical continuity plan?

The distance learning continuity systems are mobilized as far as possible, because the teaching includes a large part of practical work, practice on simulators …

Pedagogical assistants have identified feasible distance learning courses so that as many theoretical courses as possible can be carried out during the critical period, and so that they can devote themselves to practical teaching when the time comes to return to normal.

Pedagogical activities and specific training that cannot be carried out at a distance are postponed until the end of the closing period for initial training and vocational training. The time slots freed up are used to concentrate the courses and TDs that can be carried out in EAD.

In order to control the follow-up of the training, the teachers fill in the progress sheets which will be used to control the performances within the framework of the STCW obligations.


The objective of the ENSM is to enable the students, according to the evolution of the situation, to obtain their diploma by the end of the school year. Hence the importance of their active participation in distance education.


– What tools are available for distance education?

ENSM already has the VEGA platform.

A training course has been organised for teachers who wish to do so to train in Microsoft’s TEAMS. A tutorial is planned for all students.


– How is the end of the year for the L1’s?

In Marseille, the end of the year for the L1 is near. No decision has yet been taken, but the possibility of extending the year is under consideration, if necessary.


– Does the time spent at sea by the L2 students that the shipowners disembark count as sailing time?

Yes, even if there are only three days, this time will be recorded by Maritime Affairs (declaration by the shipping line) and therefore validated. It will not be enough to validate the titles, but will be made up in the fourth year. So there is no need to worry.


– How are the particularities treated on the Le Havre site?

The M1 mid-term exams will take place from 04 to 07 May 2020.

The jury for the S7 semester will be conducted electronically. Decisions will be communicated as soon as possible.

For the time being, the S8 summaries are maintained on the initial date. A study for a remote adaptation is in progress.

The support of the M2 internship reports will be organised by videoconference or Skype.

For OCQPI 1 and 2, no decision has yet been taken but the possibility of an extension of the year is under consideration. The TOEIC initially scheduled for March 19, 2020 for the integration class is cancelled, a solution will be proposed at a later date.


– What special measures for the Saint-Malo site?

For unlimited chief mechanics, the controls initially kept on site are replaced by remote controls.

For the OCQM probationary period, the registration procedure is maintained, giving priority to online payment because mail delivery is not provided. The first courses will, as far as possible, be given by distance learning, as for the other courses.



– How do I know when to return to ENSM?

At the end of the morning, students and staff receive an email entitled: COVID Information 19

The address is dedicated to questions about the health crisis.

The home page of the website will be updated daily.

The return to normal that we all hope for as soon as possible will be announced by all these means.

– Are the revalidation courses scheduled for the end of March and the beginning of April being maintained?

No, the initial training courses are cancelled until further notice.


– How do I know on which platform a course is offered?

The teachers contact the students by e-mail to explain the distance learning measures.



Continuing education


– Are continuing education courses maintained?

All short continuing education courses are postponed or cancelled.


Administrative and technical services


➢ Are administrative and technical services affected by the closure?

Yes. All services are closed.

All movements of students and staff are cancelled.

All events, conferences, exhibitions on the sites are cancelled.

Teleworking is being implemented wherever possible. The ENSM provides the necessary computers and telephones to the agents who need them.

Meetings will be held by videoconference.

The four sites are secured and a small number of agents are mobilized for this purpose. Isolated work is avoided.


– How can the situation at ENSM be monitored?

At the end of the morning, students and staff receive an email entitled: COVID Information 19

The address is dedicated to questions about the health crisis.

The home page of the website will be updated daily.

The return to normal that we all hope for as soon as possible will be announced by all these means. The directors and managers will keep in touch with their teams.



– What rules apply to teleworking?

Contact your supervisor every working day.

Comply with IT security guidelines and break times.


 Social dialogue


– Concerning social dialogue, what mechanism has been set up?

The CHSCT and TC bodies are conducted by videoconference.


– For all administrative matters, what decisions have been taken?

The school has drawn up a business continuity plan presented to the CHSCT and the TC. It is validated and effective.

A crisis cell meets regularly. The evolution of staff situations is transmitted every day to the general secretariat of the Ministry.

All ENSM users have the same level of information: students, agents, tenants, trainees, associations, local service providers and lodging partners receive a message every day at the end of the morning to keep them informed of current events.

→ Do not hesitate to send your questions by e-mail to

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