Brittany Ferries signs a partnership with the French Maritime Academy

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The partnerships developed in the last few years between Brittany Ferries and the Academy have created strong synergies serving their common values, requirements and ambitions.

Through the signature of this convention, Brittany Ferries which is a leading maritime company on the west and central Channel as well as the first employer of French seafarers, and the French maritime Academy, pole of maritime excellence, confirm their will to strengthen their relationship and coordinate their efforts in order to contribute to the development of the maritime economy.

Varied initiatives can be integrated into this partnership:

  • For the fifth consecutive year, « School-in-ship » sessions have been organised in order to enable some of the Academy’s classes as well as their lecturers, to board for a few days a year, Brittany Ferries’ vessels. With the help of their lecturers and company officers, the students have the opportunity to train, fully immersed, to get the right gestures and good practices for their future professions.
  • Soon, the company will welcome the Academy’s lecturers with an educational target. Through exchanges with the shipboard personnel, Brittany Ferries gives the Academy the opportunity to maintain and develop its personnel’s competences.

“Thanks to the three new state-of–the-art ships planned to start operating between 2019 and 2022, Brittany Ferries is preparing its future. Thus, through this partnership with the Academy, the company takes part in the development of the maritime competences in France and maybe generates new vocations “, says Frédéric Pouget, Director of the Marine, Maritime and Port Operations Pole

“The Academy’s main mission is to meet the requirements of the maritime economy actors. By multiplying the exchanges with Brittany Ferries, the Academy listens to the requirements of the first employer of French officers and develops its competences. This partnership will promotes training and the profession » welcomes Patrice Laporte, The French Maritime Academy’s Managing Director

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