2019 return at the French Maritime Academy

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September marks the return of students to ENSM.

This year in Le Havre, 141 new students made their return: 91 in M1, 32 International deck watchkeeping officer / Captain 3000 first year and 18 in integration class.

149 students returned to the first year of the engineering curriculum in Marseille.

44 first year students ERWO / Chief Engineer 8000kW have joined the ENSM in Saint-Malo.

In Nantes, where the ENSM trains engineers in maritime engineering, 16 students are admitted on PT bank competition in L3 maritime engineering, 17 on files in M1 EGN / DMO, 32 students in training chief engineer and 31 students in training officer chief of quarter gateway.


LHM1 – Welcoming M1 engineering students on the Le Havre campus
Solemn entry of the first year students of the  International deck watchkeeping officer / Captain 3000 training at Le Havre
Solemn entry of first-year engineers in Marseille
Solemn re-entry of first-year ERWO / chief engineer 8000kW in Saint-Malo
Students of the chief mechanic training in Nantes
Students of the L3, M1 and M2 marine engineering training in Nantes
Students of the deck watchkeeping officer in Nantes
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