1100 students expected at the French Maritime Academy

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The ENSM (or French Maritime Academy),
which forms officers of the merchant navy and maritime engineers,
welcomes more than 1100 students.


Welcome to the Pilots !

The “Pilots”, admitted in their first year at the French Maritime Academy and future officers of the merchant navy, were welcomed by the School, its partners and many elected officials during formal starts of the school year.


  • In Le Havre, on 2nd of September 2019 : 31 students were admitted to OCQPI/Captain 3000 training (International Deck Watchkeeping Officer) and solemnly welcomed by the Deputy Mayor, Florent Saint-Martin and the Chairman of the French Maritime Academy’s Board of Directors, Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan.


  • In Marseille, on September 05: the promotion of ENSM engineers Jacques Saadé counts 149 registered participants honored during a ceremony in the presence of Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Secretary of State for Transport. Rodolphe Saadé, President of CGM CGM Group, was the main witness of the event.


  • In Saint-Malo, on September 12: 44 future OCQM/8000kW (Engine room Watchkeeping officer), joined the ENSM, surrounded by Jean-Marc Simon, captain of GENAVIR, a great witness of the ceremony and elected officials including Claude Renoult, Mayor of Saint-Malo.

In Nantes, where ENSM trains engineers in maritime engineering, 16 students are admitted to the PT bank competition in L3 maritime engineering and 17 to the M1 EGN/DMO competition.

Long continuous training

As part of the lifelong training, 108 sailors will integrate Engine room training this year, including 76 in Saint-Malo (24 in OCQM probationary training, 19 in OCQM, 24 in 3000 kW chief, 19 of which are already in OCQM, 14 in 8000 kW chief, 14 in unlimited chief) and 32 in Nantes in unlimited chief training specific curriculum.

93 students will follow professional bridge trainings: 83 in Nantes, 31 in deck Watchkeeping, 32 as captain 3000, 20 as probationary deck Watchkeeping officers  and 10 as captains 3000 from yacht, in Marseille.

“The total number of students enrolled for the 2019-2020 school year will be a little more than 1100: 380 will be present at the Le Havre and Marseille sites, 200 in Saint-Malo and 160 in Nantes,” explains Evelyne Iliou, acting Director General of The French Maritime Academy (ENSM), who highlights the very successful start of the 2019 school year. “In a context of reorganization and an ambitious timetable, I would like to congratulate the performance of the teams who were able to manage all the files. »


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