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Back to the images on the boarding of 1st year students aboard the Piana (la Méridionale)

Back in pictures on the boarding of the 1st year students of the Marseille site aboard the Piana of the company La Méridionale. The opportunity to visit Machine and Bridge...Lire plus

The 2019 ENSM registrations are open!

Les lycéennes et lycéens qui souhaitent intégrer l’ENSM et devenir officiers de la marine marchande peuvent s’inscrire jusqu’au 29 mars 2019 sur L’Ecole n’est pas sur Parcoursup. L’Ecole nationale...Lire plus

Open Days in Le Havre, Saturday 2 February 2019

ENSM opens its doors on Saturday February 2 2019! From 9h to 17h at 10 quai Frissard for ENSM’s open doors in Le Havre to discover the Ship-in-School, a unique...Lire plus

Partnership between ENSM, Pilotage de la Seine et HAROPA – Port de Rouen

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Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony of the third promotion of officers of the Merchant Navy, engineer seafarer of ENSM was held on December 20, 2018 in the presence of Sophie Panonacle, deputy,...Lire plus

A new Contract of Objectives and Performance (COP) for the French Maritime Academy

François de RUGY, State Minister, Minister for the environment and Élisabeth BORNE, Minister for transport, signed on 13 October, the Contract of Objectives and Performance of the French Maritime Academy...Lire plus

Back to school for the engineer-level marine engineering students

ENSM’s engineer-level marine engineering students went back to school on the Nantes campus in L3, M1 and M2. They will be following theory classes, practicals, study and research work. They...Lire plus

ENSM Business Forum – 2018 Edition

The merchant navy first class officers, future engineer-level seafarers and the future engineers in marine engineering, are proud to invite you to the 2018 Business Forum, 10th October 2018, organised...Lire plus

ENSM’s Managing Director wishes the students a good academic year

Dear students, The success of the start-ups created by former students reveals the value of the training delivered at The French Maritime Academy (ENSM) and its students’  dynamism. You can...Lire plus

First OCQPI cohort at ENSM

On Monday 28 May, the students of the first cohort of the International Watchkeeping Officer course, created in Le Havre in 2015, were honoured by the French Maritime Academy (ENSM)...Lire plus

Centrale Nantes, Ecole navale and ENSM create a Specialised Master

Within the framework of their collaboration in research and training, Centrale Nantes, Ecole navale and ENSM will offer in October 2018 a Specialised Master in a growing sector, Life Cycle...Lire plus

Carnival Maritime collaborates with ENSM

Hamburg/Marseille, April 24, 2018. Carnival Maritime GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, and the renowned ENSM French Maritime Academy of Le Havre and Marseille, France, have agreed on cooperation to ensure future...Lire plus

Written examinations of ENSM’s competitive entrance exam

The ENSM encourages all the candidates taking the Engineer-level seafarer competitive exam as well as the Engine watchkeeping officer/Chief Engineer 8000kW on 14 and 15 May 2018.Lire plus

Victorien Erussard, 1st ambassador for SDGs on behalf of France

The French President Emmanuel Macron granted his high-patronage to the Energy Observer’s expedition led by ENSM’s former student, who has become the 1st ambassador for SDGs on behalf of France....Lire plus

ENSTA ParisTech and ENSM launch a course on autonomous maritime systems

Following the signature of a strategic partnership in January 2017, both engineer level colleges with complementary expertise, matching technical excellence to jobs functions, are planning to train new versatile talents...Lire plus

Women, officers of the merchant navy

Since 1973, women officers of the merchant navy have boarded the largest French-flagged ships. The French Maritime Academy-ENSM-who trains them and Armateurs de France, the sector’s professional organisation, publish a...Lire plus

SOS Méditerranée, testimony of a student in the OCQPI course

Testimony. Ludovic Duguépéroux is a third year student in the International Deck Watchkeeping Officer (OCQPI) course at the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) on the Le Havre campus. Last summer, onboard...Lire plus

Hervé Baudu participates in the Arctic conference

On 12 January, over 100 people met at the Finnish Embassy for the Playing it cool conference in order to exchange on the future of the Arctic region. Civil servants...Lire plus

Victorien Erussard, former student and captain of the “Energy Observer”’s project

Victorien Erussard, former ENSM student (on the left), captain of the « Energy Observer »’s project, first ship able to produce her own hydrogen. Édouard Philippe and Nicolas Hulot on board the...Lire plus

ENSM Short Sea Night laureate

ENSM and its partner Gazocean were awarded the trophy Training, for the new LNG courses, on 13 December 2017 at the Short Sea Night, organised by BB2S and the French...Lire plus

116 students join ENSM’s merchant marine officer training course

Jean-Marc Roué, Armateurs de France and Brittany Ferries President was the Grand Temoin of ENSM’s  first year students’ first day at the French Maritime Academy, which took place on Thursday...Lire plus

Latitude blanche, a new French company

Two former students of the French Maritime Academy (ENSM), Yann Le Bellec and Sophie Galvagnon, have set up their own company. They bought over the mythical Polarfront in Norway, last...Lire plus

ENSM, Partner in the Le Havre Tall ship regatta (LGVH) 2017

ENSM, official partner in the Le Havre Tall ship regatta, will welcome the race HQ and the press room in its Le Havre premises, 10 quai Frissard. Access the official...Lire plus

Evelyne Iliou appointed ENSM’s Deputy Managing Director

Evelyne Iliou, 52, joins ENSM, French Maritime Academy, on 12 June 2017, as Deputy Managing Director Member of the Board of Studies and then Board of Directors since 2013, she...Lire plus

Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister

Patrice Laporte, ENSM’s Managing Director, wants to congratulate Edouard Philippe, Le Havre’s mayor, on his appointment as Prime Minister.Lire plus

ENSM Partnership – « Elles bougent »

On Thursday 23 March 2017, ENSM and the association « Elles bougent » signed a partnership convention at the Seanergy fair. ENSM will rely on the dynamic of the association,...Lire plus

Le Havre’s Tall Ships, from 31 August to 3 September 2017

In order to celebrate Le Havre’s 500th anniversary founded by François 1er, the city will welcome around 30 Tall Ships from all over the world engaged in the Tall Ship...Lire plus

Hervé Baudu, lecturer, at the IMO

Hervé Baudu, an ENSM navigation lecturer on the Marseille campus, participated in the HTW4 sub-committee at the IMO in London form 30 January to 3 February 2017. Thanks to his...Lire plus

Partnership ENSM – ENSTA ParisTech

  Patrice Laporte, ENSM’s Managing Director and Elisabeth Crépon, ENSTA ParisTech’s Managing Director have signed a partnership convention at Euromaritime, leading European fair in the maritime economy sector. Read the...Lire plus

The Polar Code

Hervé Baudu, ENSM education lecturer in ice navigation simulator The Polar Code enters into force on 1 January 2017 Polar Code The international code applicable to vessels operated in polar...Lire plus