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Joris Oliny travels the world on the bridge of huge oil tankers. This 26-year-old man from Martinique passed the first class officer of the Merchant Navy competitive exam and joined the French Maritime Academy in Le Havre for a five-year course and 4-to-5-month internships onboard vessels. The programme delivers a Captain of the Merchant Navy title.
Read the article/video about Joris Oliny on Martinique 1ère.

« It’s a very manly and closed circle. But if you’re passionate about sailing, you can fit in. » That’s what happened to Véronique Seremes.
A sea passionate from a very young age, this native of Guadeloupe has just joined the Martinique autonomous pilotage station. And she is certainly not a beginner.
On her CV, she shows over 15 years of experience in the merchant navy, between the SNCM, based in Marseille, which carries passengers and goods to Corsica, and Genavire, company for which she piloted survey vessels in charge of surveying the seabed. Noumea, Australia, Taiwan, China… the scientists gave her the opportunity to sail on far away waters.
Read the article about Veronique Seremes on France-Antilles (23/05/2016).
Read the article/video about Veronique Seremes on Martinique 1ère.

becoming an officer of the merchant navy

For the first class officer of the merchant navy-Engineer level course, the exams are of a scientific final year level. The studies programme lasts 5.5 years. The first three years are done on the Marseille campus.
For the course machine officer of the watch (OCQM)/chief engineer 8000kW, the programme lasts three years on the Saint-Malo campus.
 The competitive exams for the courses will takes place on May on the different campuses and in the overseas territories and departments.
Registrations for the academic year are closed.

For the course International Deck Officer of the Watch (OCQPI) the recruitment is done on the basis of applicationsThe ENSM offers to the candidates who feel they are not up to standards, a preparatory class to the OCQPI course
ENSM’s students are eligible for grants.

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