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L3 marine engineering

Within its training course in engineer-level marine engineering speciality, the French Maritime Academy offers a recruitment in L3 by the competitive exam « Banque PT », dedicated to the students in preparatory classes to the « Grandes Ecoles », physics and technology.

Following the L3 year dedicated to maritimisation, the future engineers carry on their training in M1 and M2 in one of the two available programmes :
Ecoship manager (EGN) 
Offshore maintenance manager (DMO).

These courses delivered on the Nantes campus deal with the following sectors :
– Design, operations, maintenance and optimisation of « clean » ships, from their construction to their propulsion and energy production, fuel storage and ship’s auxiliaries for the EGN programme,
– Deployment, operation and maintenance of the offshore installations of energy production : sectors Oil and Gas and MRE, wind, tidal, sea thermal energy for the DMO programme.

The programme selection is done at the beginning of M1.

Registrations / Informations

The recruitment in L3 marine engineering is done solely via the competitive exam Banque PT. Visit registration page for modalities information

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