Versatile officer

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JOB DESCRIPTION   The versatile officer is in charge of the bridge team during transits and can replace the chief. He is in charge of the on-board pharmacy, monitoring the GMDSS tests and, during the technical outages, will assist the chief engineer in the maintenance of the machines. During commercial operations, he is in charge of boarding and disembarking passengers.   Work rhythm: 7d / 7d (one week on board / one week off time). Type of contract: Short term contract 2 months with trial period Salary: 336,000 Xpf Gross (2,800 €) Social policy : CAFAT Ship at quay almost every evening - Provide accommodation in Noumea Position to be filled in mid-March.   REQUIRED PROFILE   The profile sought is a master of the seagoing ship with experience as a deck and machine lieutenant. The candidate must be up to date with all of their patents, certificates and visits. French nationality and French patents. Working language is French. Rigor and autonomy are the qualities expected for this position. Please send your cover letter and CV to Mr Sébastien GIBERT   COMPANY PRESENTATION   SAS Sudiles is a Caledonian shipping company providing connections between mainland, the Loyalty Islands and the Isle of Pines. Its mission is to transport people and goods between the different islands. This mission is carried out using the Betico 2 NGV, 60m long by 15m wide, the home base of which is Nouméa.   Its crew consists of 13 sailors: 4 officers, 1 bosco, 1 oiler, 4 Sailors and 3 hostesses
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You can send us CV and cover letter to Sébastien GIBERT :

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