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BOURBON OFFSHORE SURF RECRUITS POLYVALENT LIEUTENANTS F/M ON PERMANENT CONTRACT. We offer training to access unlimited DPO (Dynamic Positioning Operator) certification. This course is fully supported by Bourbon Offshore Surf. You will embark 60 days as Lieutenant DPO after having followed a DP Basic training. You will join a crew of about 15 people in an international and multicultural environment. Following this first 60 days boarding, you will follow the DP Advanced course. These 120 days will give you access to unlimited DPO certification. This course will allow you to reach a real level of excellence, particularly in terms of hygiene and safety, as well as world-renowned operational expertise. The ships on which you will be boarded are among the most technologically advanced vessels of our fleet: digitalization, complex technicality ... At the end of your course and once you have met all the conditions necessary for the issuance of the "second captain's certificate, you will have the opportunity to integrate the Bourbon offshore surf staff as a Second Captain / Mechanic. The resumption of offshore oil begins. Careers with fast progressions are possible. You are looking for a new challenge ... Come and discover an atypical and exciting sector. Get started in the adventure BOURBON!
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