Job – Mechanical Tester Engineer

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Description / Mission

Vulcain engineering is looking for 10 engineers for an ASAP job.

Two types of location, either National Mobility (France) or Finland.

– Activity area: NUCLEAR

For the mechanical tester, a good knowledge / experience of diesel generators is obviously a plus. On the other hand, it will have to be able to carry out autonomously the commissioning of the auxiliary systems during the pre-operational tests (starting air, water cooling, oil lubrication, fuel supply). These systems are not specific, however.

• Fill, bleed and flush air, water, fuel and oil circuits. Compress / decompress pressurized networks safely. Check condition and replace filters. Check the internal cleanliness of the circuits

• Assist the subcontractor to commission the fuel system.

• Understand the operation of motor pumps and compressors (priming / cavitation pump, load / pumping compressor)

• Perform mechanical lineage for testing (opening / closing of valves)

• Perform vibration measurement with vibrometer or temperature with infrared thermometer

• Check the alignment of the motor-alternator shafts to the comparator

• To be able to adjust the speed regulation of the motor

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