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Financial Aid

General conditions for obtaining financial aid from the National Maritime College (ENSM).
Financial aid is offered based on the same criteria as in the higher education system or research.

Nationality criteria

– French students,
– Students from Andorra with a French education,
– Foreign students, nationals from a member state of the European Union or from another state part of the European Economic Area or from Switzerland providing they meet the following requirements:
– Having worked full time or part time in France. It must be real and effective work whether receiving a salary or not.
– Or show proof of one parent’s or legal tutor’s income in France. Or establish a certain degree of integration in France.The degree of integration will be assessed according to how long the applicant has spent in France (a minimum stay of one year is required), his or her school years in France or family ties in/with France. This is obviously not required if the student can prove he or she has been living in France for five years in a row.
– Foreign students with the refugee and stateless status, recognized by the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA).
– Foreign students who have been living in France for at least two years and whose father, mother or legal tutor has been filing his or her tax return in France for at least two years.

Other criteria

Age criteria
Students who are 28 or less on September 1st of the school year are eligible when applying for the first time. The age limit can be postponed depending on the time spent doing public utility work, voluntary work in the Army or civil voluntary work. The age limit is postponed by one year per raised child. From the age of 28 onwards, scholarship students must not interrupt their studies to remain eligible. There is no age limit for students suffering from a handicap recognized by the Commission on the Rights and Autonomy of Handicapped Persons (CDAPH).

Studies criteria
To be awarded financial aid, you must register to be a full time student and follow the initial training curriculum at the National Maritime College (ENSM).

Income criteria
The income taken into account is most of the time the income declared on the family’s tax return. If necessary, income earned abroad is also taken into account.The income of the year 2013 is the one taken into account for the 2015-2016 school year, with a few exceptions, as well as the living expenses of the student and his family.

People who cannot benefit from financial aid
– Civil servants trainees, public civil servants with a permanent contract from the state or from a hospital, working or on paid or unpaid leave.
– unemployed people actively seeking a job and entitled to benefits and/or people entitled to paid study leave except for people having signed a contract with the state to become a teacher while receiving financial help.
– Apprentices who earn a salary or people on paid study leave.

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