Ferryman manager

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Main missions :
- Supervise the team of ferrymen (3 agents)
- Responsible for safety on board (Captain function)
- Technical monitoring and proper functioning of the ferries
- Monitoring of visits to the Ship Safety Center and implementation of instructions
- Meet and inform passengers
- Sell tickets
- Drive ferries
- Help boarding and disembarking passengers
- Realization and follow-up of purchase orders
- Development and monitoring of the ferry budget in conjunction with the director of the marina

Secondary missions:
- Participate in maintenance and mechanical repair of ferries, equipment and boarding pontoons
- Control the works done by external companies
- Apply maritime regulations relating to passenger transport vessels
- Clean the premises
- Manage the cash and submit accounts to the bac manager
- Develop schedules
- Ferry fairing
- Painting and mechanical work
- Handle hydrocarbons
- Administrative management

- Captain 200 certificate required
- Knowledge of marine mechanics and electricity
- Basic English
- Comfortable with IT tools (word, excel, internet)
- Know how to manage equipment
- Know how to manage a cash register (handling cash)
- Autonomous, involved and responsive
- B permit

Conditions of exercise of the missions:
- Work alone on board
- Work may be subject to bad weather
- No holidays in July and August
- Shared holidays during school holidays
- Late hours of operation depending on the season and sometimes at night, weekends and public holidays

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You can send us CV and cover letter to GOURLAY Yann : rh.competences@cca.bzh

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