Engineer responsible for regulation, standardization, patents and naval export (F/M)

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The Directorate General of Armaments  is recruiting, to strengthen the skills of the Technical Directorate in Paris, a regulatory, standardization, patent and export manager in the naval field.

You will be the standardization / regulation referent: you manage the development and updating of the regulatory referential. You take the necessary actions to use the reference source in army programs and operations and to make it evolve. You work in interface with the Defense Standardization Center to keep the normative reference source up to date.

You also ensure the structuring of knowledge bases to facilitate its access for all of the naval programs and operations in progress, and help to identify the needs for evolution by proposing a capitalization policy.

You manage the actions to enhance the archives and bring coherence to the data exploitation systems. The patent referent ensures the protection of the scientific and technical heritage of Defense relating to naval combat systems.

The naval export referent: you intervene to authorize the export of war materials from the naval domain while preserving the vital interests of the naval forces.

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You can send us CV and cover letter to Hervé BERNARD, recruteur RH pour DGA IP :

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