Engine watchkeeping officer’s competitive entrance exam

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Engine Watchkeeping officer's competitive entrance exam

The French Maritime Academy (ENSM) trains engine watchkeeping officers in charge of the maintenance and repairs of the ship’s machinery.
They are involved in all the technical aspects of the production and the distribution : electricity, water, steam, fuel and garbage management, sustainable development…

The school training lasts three years to which cadetship must be added. Seatime as a cadet and then as an engineer allows the obtaining of the chief engineer certificate and allows to be in charge of the engine department on ships with an output below 8000kW. The holders of the engine watchkeeping officer and chief engineer 8000kW certificate can then train to obtain the chief engineer illimited certificate (programme in progress of being revised, around 888 hours).


When holding an engine monovalent certificate you will be able to work as an officer, then as a second engineer and finally as a chief engineer.


Retraining to work ashore is an all time possibility. The merchant navy engineers are appreciated due to their versatility, their technical competences, their management skills and their availability.


- Open to the holders of a baccalaureat
- Four tests : French, Maths, Physics, and English
- It takes place in Le Havre, Saint-Malo, Nantes and Marseille, and in the DOM-TOM
- 48 places are offered.
- Registration for the academic year 2019-2020 will open in January 2019.
- The programme for this exam.
- The training course takes place in Saint-Malo, 4 Rue de la Victoire and lasts three years
Read the school fees for the academic year 2018 - 2019.


- Electrical engineering
- Electronics
- Electricity
- Hydraulics
- Installations under monitored temperatures
- Pneumatics
- Automation
- All types of propulsion: diesel, gas turbines and engines, electric diesel or steam.
The training is organised in modules. Succeeding in obtaining all the modules allows the delivery of both diplomas which will then be converted into a certificate thanks to the seatime carried out.


The engine watchkeeping officer and chief engineer 8000kW diplomas are delivered once the totality of the modules has been obtained.
- The engine watchkeeping officer certificate is delivered after twelve months of which six months of cadetship   and six months of training to the workshop techniques in the course of the years spent at ENSM.
- The second engineer 8000kW certificate is delivered after twelve months of seatime as a certified officer in the engine department.
- The chief engineer 8000kW certificate is delivered after 36 months of seatime as a certified officer or only 24 months if 12 of them were carried out as a second engineer.

For further information, contact the Studies and Training department in Saint-Malo : bef.saintmalo@supmaritime.fr

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