Deputy Director General of the French Maritime Academy

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Service missions:
The Deputy Director General of the ENSM assists the Director General in her missions.
He/she implements the guidelines defined by the Director. He/she is a member of the general management of the ENSM.

Job missions:
The Deputy Director General is involved in the general management of the ENSM alongside the Director General.
He/she participates in the development of the company's strategy. He/she implements, regulates, monitors and evaluates action plans. He/she has delegation to manage.
He/she must have the capacity to replace the Director General and takes charge of the daily management of the ENSM in case of absence. He/she may have to represent her outside.
He/she is responsible for specific and transversal structuring files for the establishment with national or international scope.
He/she can exercise advice and expertise. He/she supports the Studies and Training Service, in charge of continuing education, in its development.
He/she is in contact with other directors and departments in order to provide support and control over the implementation of the strategy defined by the general management.

Position based in Le Havre
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