Spécialité Génie Maritime, Eco-gestion du navire


Les options

The specialisation marine engineering of the French Maritime Academy’s engineer-level title is delivered in Nantes over the two master years of the engineer-level cycle.

These two years, M1 and M2, are accessible on records :
– following the first three years of ENSM’s engineer-level title,
– following the « degree 3 » year of marine engineering open in Nantes to the successful candidates of the competitive exam “Banque PT”
– to the holders of merchant navy level II title or above (DESMM,Chief engineer 8000 kW, Chief Engineer, Captain, ocean-going vessels watchkeeping officers)
– to the holders of a degree in a scientific or technical field.

Two engineer-level programmes approved by the engineer level qualification commission (CTI) are proposed :
Ecoship manager (EGN)
Offshore maintenance manager (DMO).

The general domains which are addressed are the protection of the maritime environment, the management of the high-risk systems, entrepreneurship, regulations, human and social sciences, labour law or professional English. The technical domains taught are specific to each of the options. The option is selected during the first two months of the course.

Le parcours EGN

The Ecoship manager programme (EGN) focuses on the optimisation of onboard energies, ship waste treatment, eco-friendly objectives of the construction, the use and the dismantling of ships.

The job opportunities are consulting engineer for a shipping company or shipyard, referent engineer within a classification society, consulting engineer for an administration or a company involved in the “clean ship” concept.

This course is delivered on the Nantes campus, city where the academic and industrial environment creates favourable conditions to the development of marine engineering activities, from both training and research and innovation and production point of view.

The French Maritime Academy connected with the main actors of the Pays de la Loire region which blooms with maritime companies specialised in MRE and construction.

The new Technocampus Océan where the Academy has premises strengthened the region’s attractiveness. This research and development centre as well the IRT Jules Verne, focused on ship construction and MRE, pool researchers, technicians, industrial partners, engineer-level institutions and laboratories

In addition to the lectures delivered at the Academy, the students attend conferences such as :
– FWP (floating wind power),
– Euromaritime,
– Ocean Energy Europe.

Travaux d’études et recherche

During the M1 year, the future engineers will work in small groups on study topics suggested by industrials such as :
– Study of the installation of scrubbers and its issues,
– Study of a hybridisation of a passenger ship with the help of batteries,
– Study of the impact of the quality of LNG on the performance of a marine engine,
– Study of a survey on biofuels and their compatibility with marine engines.

Inscriptions / Informations

The 2019/2020 registrations for the ENSM’ engineer-level course, speciality marine engineering, are closed

See the Ecoship manager programme (EGN).

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