OCQPI students at the graduation ceremony, in 2018

First OCQPI class at ENSM

OCQPI students at the graduation ceremony, in 2018

On Monday 28 May, the students of the first class of the International Watchkeeping Officer course, created in Le Havre in 2015, were honoured by the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) during their graduation ceremony.

When creating this monovalent deck programme, aiming at working onboard foreign-flagged ships in the cruise, yachting and Offshore sectors, the ENSM took on the challenge of training within three years officers fluent in English. On the other hand, the Academy consolidated the programme with a double diploma: OQPI is also Captain 3000

 Out of the twenty freshmen recruited 3 years ago, 13 are ending this course this year, without repeating any year. They will be signing on in the next few weeks with Costa Crociere, Aida Cruises or Ponant, in Africa with Offshore companies and on foreign-flagged ships commissioned by the biggest French shipowners

The President of ENSM’s Board of Directors, the Presidents from the French Maritime Cluster and the French Federation of Maritime Pilots, maritime associations, lecturers and the students’ relatives, shared a moment of pride with these new merchant navy officers.

While reminding that the future for the OCQPI course is promising, thanks to the development of relationships with international actors of the shipping and yachting sectors, Patrice Laporte, ENSM’s Managing Director, declared : « you are the pioneers of our international development and you are also, now, ambassadors for the Academy. From your success, vocations will arise”

Representative of the Le Havre council, of the CODAH and of the Normandy region, Jean-Baptiste Gastinne reminded the support from the communities to the Academy, and also said that the opening of the Academy at an international level and its involvement in the Le Havre campus was something to feel satisfied with.

In 2017, 52 candidates applied to the course. There are 108 of them in 2018, a fact that all the participants to the graduation ceremony have welcomed.

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Chief engineer in engine room

Centrale Nantes, Ecole navale and ENSM create a Specialised Master « Life Cycle Assessment of ship » : the MS LICAS

 Chief engineer in engine room


Within the framework of their collaboration in research and training, Centrale Nantes, Ecole navale and ENSM will offer in October 2018 a Specialised Master in a growing sector, Life Cycle of ship : the Specialised Master « Life Cycle Assessment of Ship (MS LICAS) ».

From design to construction, during operations, when being decommissioned, before scrapping and recycling, it is essential to take into consideration the environmental impact of the life cycle of a ship in order to meet the new statutory constraints. The companies in fisheries, trade, service, boating, science and the Navy, have to involve experts able to evaluate the environmental impact and suggest procedures and actions to mitigate this impact.

The goals of the MS LICAS are to train experts in the life cycle of a ship, competent in research and development as well as in project management. The graduates will apply for engineer-level positions or as designers in design offices, as environmental managers, QSE engineering in shipyards, in design offices or in shipping companies.

The MS LICAS lasts 12 months. It has been approved by the Grandes Ecoles Conference (CGE). It consists in over 350 hours of lectures and a 6-month practical training in-company, validated by the viva of a professional thesis. The specialities of the partner academies cover all the sectors of the operations of a ship according to 5 focuse developed in the programme: environment, eco-design and life cycle, life cycle economy, technological and industrial aspects of the life cycle, construction/scrapping, regulation, project management.

The course targets an audience wishing to gain an expertise, a double competence or willing to further in a sector in order to evolve professionall

The MS LICAS targets students in initial or ongoing training. It is accessible to Bac+6 levels (engineer-level title, M2, French Register of Professional Certification (RNCP) level 1) or an M1+a three-year professional experience. The lectures will take place in Nantes (Centrale Nantes and ENSM) and includes a study visit at Lanvéoc Poulmic (Ecole Navale).

For further information and to apply, access to the Centrale Nantes website.

- Jean-Marc Benguigui, lecturer at Centrale Nantes, options manager
- Thomas Daday, lecturer-researcher at Ecole Navale
- Yann Vachias, research coordinator at ENSM.

What about Centrale Nantes?

Member of the « Groupe des Ecoles Centrales », Centrale Nantes trains engineers, Master and phD students following an academic programme based on the most up to date scientific and technological developments and the best management practices. With research platforms including digital simulators and test tanks as well as on-site tests (sea tests SEM-REV), Centrale Nantes has developed a strong expertise in training, research and innovation in the maritime sector (naval architecture, energies). Created in 1919, Centrale Nantes covers a 16 ha campus, welcomes 2320 students of which 1550 engineer-level students, 200 engineer-level trainees, 260 phD and 400 Masters.

Access Centrale Nantes website

What about Ecole navale?

Ecole Navale, pole of excellence of the French Navy, of the professionals of the sea and maritime sciences, offers a high-level education in exceptional setting, to the benefits of students from different horizon and of different nationalities. Cadets in initial training for the Navy and other administrations as well as civil or military students in Research Masters or Specialized Masters, phD and post-phD, officers, petty officers and tomorrow’s crews, civil servants as well as students of Grandes Ecoles in ongoing training, all come to study at Ecole Navale for its unique competences, whether in the maritime and technological sectors or the expertise in operational leadership. A melting pot since 1830 for the future chiefs of the Navy, Ecole Navale has opened up successfully and is now turning towards the future.

Access Ecole navale's website

What about ENSM ?

ENSM trains engineer-level seafarers, merchant navy officers and specialised engineers in maritime engineering, Eco-ship manager (EGN) and Offshore maintenance manager(DMO). It welcomes every year 1200 students and 3000 trainees.
The academy holds a strong knowledge in shipping and other expertise: regulation, human factors, ship operations and its complex systems. Additionally, the academy offers highly technical pedagogical tools : manoeuvring simulator, machinery simulator , DP simulator, fuel cell enabling the students to become familiar with ship operations.

Press contacts

- Ecole Centrale: Valérie Chilard, valerie.chilard@ec-nantes.fr, T. +33(0)6 30 81 70 69
- Ecole navale : LV Anne Pitois, dircom@ecole-navale.fr, T. +33(0)
- ENSM : Muriel Mironneau, muriel.mironneau@supmaritime.fr T. +33(0)6 09 85 49 14

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Carnival Maritime collaborates with ENSM - French Maritime Academy

Carnival Maritime collaborates with ENSM - French Maritime Academy

 Carnival Maritime collaborates with ENSM - French Maritime Academy

Hamburg/Marseille, April 24, 2018. Carnival Maritime GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, and the renowned ENSM French Maritime Academy of Le Havre and Marseille, France, have agreed on cooperation to ensure future high standards in nautical and technical training of cadets.

The aim of this close collaboration is to train the next generation of qualified officers for the cruise industry and their future responsibilities, based on both the nautical and the technical IMO curriculum at the ENSM. Moreover, the collaboration aims to provide cadets with the necessary experience at sea on board the Costa Group fleet (Costa Crociere and AIDA Cruises) to qualify for STCW licenses as dual-purpose officers. The licence requires an internship of at most 12 months on the bridge and in the engine room.

The ESNM is an innovative, recognised educational and research university with a longstanding academic tradition. It is internationally oriented in its cooperation and its transfer of knowledge, and is future-oriented in education and research. In addition to its classical study programmes it offers various advanced education courses in the simulator, e.g. for LNG Basic certificates or Polar Code certificates.

Carnival Maritime is responsible for the nautical and technical management of the cruise brands Costa Crociere, AIDA Cruises and Costa Cruises Asia. It guarantees safe and sustainable ship operations by promoting best practices, efficiency and innovative technology. Carnival Maritime encourages its staff to develop their proficiency in both theory and practice, and it invests specifically in training and qualification of its officers and cadets.

Lars Ljoen, Managing Director of Carnival Maritime, says “We are very proud to strengthen the cruise industry by enhancing the training of dual-purpose cadets in cooperation with a distinguished university such as the ENSM. Eight ENSM cadets can now serve their internship on board ships of the Costa or AIDA fleet and learn the cruise-specific requirements in accordance with our focus on safety and the protection of the environment.”

Patrice Laporte, Director General of the ENSM, has welcomed the international openness offered by the partnership with Carnival Maritime, both for the international reputation of the ENSM, and for the enrichment of students who will be integrated into multicultural crews. “This partnership meets the expectations of skilled and ambitious students who are attentive to the development of the cruise industry and the job prospects in the sector.”

The first cadets from the ENSM have already been selected and will join the crew on board Costa Group ships at the end of June 2018.

ENSM trains merchant navy officers and maritime engineers. It hosts around 1,200 students and 3,000 trainees a year. The training consists of academic courses, internships and practical work, but also boarding on ships at sea.

Carnival Maritime is the marine service unit for the Costa Group, Europe’s leading cruise company. This unit bundles competences and best practices in the area of marine operations to achieve the highest safety standards in the cruise industry for the fleet of the Costa Group, which currently includes 26 cruise ships of the Costa Crociere, Costa Asia and AIDA Cruises brands. Carnival Maritime was founded in 2015 and employs 180 specialists.


Susanne Becker, Manager Communication Carnival Maritime, pr@carnival-maritime.com, tel.: +49 40/ 302 393 1202
Muriel Mironneau, Manager Communication ENSM, muriel.mironneau@supmaritime.fr, tel.:  +33 9 70 00 03 05

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Victorien Erussard, on Energy Observer

Victorien Erussard, 1st ambassador for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) on behalf of France

Victorien Erussard, on Energy Observer

The French President Emmanuel Macron granted his high-patronage to the Energy Observer’s expedition led by ENSM’s former student, who has become the 1st ambassador for SDGs on behalf of France.

The French President has welcomed the project initiative reminding the necessity for everyone to commit to the fight against climate change.

Victorien Erussard, founder and Captain of the Energy Observer as well as the guest of this first steering committee, has emphasized the mission of this expedition onboard the first electric vessel propelled thanks to renewable energies and hydrogen: detecting and meeting practical solutions to implement the 17 SDGs, and convey France’s message in favour of sustainable development across the world.

A mission carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Ecological and Supportive Transition thanks to the creation of pedagogical material in order to become a showcase for innovations in terms of ecological transition.

Download the press release PDF - icône
Access Energy Observer's official webite

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