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Julien, from the Abymes

Julien lived in the town of the Abymes in Guadeloupe before joining the ENSM. He passed his baccalauréat in Charles Coëffin of Baie-Mahault.

He discovered the ENSM while doing a search on the Internet. «When I started high-school I realised that I wanted to become an officer. A job mixing responsibilities with technical knowledge, travelling and without a routine.» remembers the student currently in 2nd year on the deck/machine course.

According to Julien, whose studies are going well, «the atmosphere in the school is welcoming and it is pleasant to live in Marseille. Up to now, I have managed to go back home every summer holiday, and I visit other cities during the other holidays. Personally, the experience of living far away from home is quite a positive one for me but I do understand that it is not easy for everybody.»

Julien’s advice to the Guadelupian high-school pupils :
«The ENSM is a school which welcomes students from varied places, including overseas territories. There should be no hesitation if the desire to apply is strong. The training is enriching and the prospects are numerous. Moreover, the fact that the overseas territories are an asset for France’s influence worldwide should not be forgotten.”

The merchant navy training courses are accessible to high-school pupils holders of a baccalauréat. They can apply before passing it (final year of high-school). All registrations are done on the website by clicking on registrations.»

Mael, 21, from Guadeloupe

«I did my high-school years at Jardin d’Essaie (Les Abymes). My father, who is also a merchant navy officer, passed his passion for the sea on to me. Personally, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

The Guadeloupe is an archipelago where the sea should be a major asset. Because of our insularity, we regularly get supplies from Europe via shipping. I thought it could be a key sector, that’s why I chose this line of work .

I’m currently in 2nd year. I generally go home during the summer holidays, to visit family and friends.

My studies are going rather well, I didn’t meet any specific issues concerning my integration. During the school holidays, I visit family and friends living in metropolitan France.

There are no specific issues except finding accommodation when we’ve not yet arrived because of the jetlag for the phone calls and the fact that we can’t visit the flats .

High-school pupils from Guadeloupe or other territories shouldn’t be afraid of leaving the island at short or long term. Even if, for some of us, it can be psychologically tough, being far away from our relatives, we get used to it rather quickly.»

Becoming an officer of the merchant navy

Registration for initial training is done on Parcoursup. The information concerning the recruitment and the calendar will be detailed there.

For the first class officer of the merchant navy-Engineer level course, the studies programme lasts 5.5 years. The first three years are done on the Marseille campus.
For the course machine officer of the watch (OCQM)/chief engineer 8000kW, the programme lasts three years on the Saint-Malo campus.

 ENSM’s students are eligible for grants.

Visit registration page for modalities information


The documentation of the ENSM 2021/2022 training courses will be online soon.

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