2017 Graduation Ceremony

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On Tuesday 21 November 2017, the French Maritime Academy, ENSM, paid tribute to its newly graduates, merchant navy officers with an engineer level, in a graduation ceremony under the sponsorship of Rodolphe SaadéCMA CGM’s CEO, and chaired by the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

Discours d'Edouard Philippe aux élèves M2 de l'ENSM

Patrice Laporte, ENSM’s Managing Director, the Normandy Prefect, the region’s President Hervé Morin, Secretary General of the sea Vincent Bouvier, Director of the Affaires Maritimes Thierry Coquil, the President of the French Maritime Cluster Frédéric Moncany de Saint Aignan, the President of Armateur de France Jean-Marc RouéTania Saadé CMA CGM’s deputee CEO, Gildas Maire Louis Dreyfus Armateurs’ CEO, Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée President of Ponant and the representatives of GAZOCEANEuronavV-ShipsLa MéridionaleCorsica LineaSOS MéditerannéePilotage de la Seine and Pilotage du Havre.

Quelques eleves M2 ENSM avec le premier ministre

Around 200 parents, from Africa and all over France, witnessed Rodolphe Saadé’s announcement of the launching of CMA CGM Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and of three French-flagged ULCVs.

The Prime Minister delivered a strong and moving message to the 145 students.

Read Edouard Philippe’s speech at the 2017 Assises de l’Economie de la Mer PDF - icône
Read Nicolas Hulot’s speech at the 2017 Assises de l’Economie de la Mer PDF - icône
Read the press release of the 2017 Interministerial Committee of the Sea PDF - icône

Message du livre d'or ENSM - Edouard Philippe, Premier ministre

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