Former students association

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Marine marchande informations – n°225

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Marine Marchande Informations – n° 215

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Former students grant 2016 – Saint-Malo

On Friday 13 May 2016 in Saint-Malo, around twenty guests gathered at the restaurant Bordier, specialist in traditional churn butter, for a meal of the association ACOMM-AENSM-HSM. We had the...Lire plus

Former students grant 2016 – Marseille

The association “Brisesable” created by 4 ENSM students aims at : Participating in the largest European student sports gathering with a humanitarian objective. Helping the poor Moroccan children through the association...Lire plus

Former students grant 2016 – Le Havre

In the presence of Christian Larrieu, Head of the Le Havre campus, Christian Lachèvre, in the name of the former students association ACOMM AENSM HSM, awarded two fifth year students...Lire plus

Former students grant 2016 – Nantes

The 2015/2016 vintage was excellent with a total of 19 projects across the four campuses. For the Nantes campus, the 2016 award winners are the students who presented the project...Lire plus

Presentation of Former students association

What can you get out of the association (ACOMM-AENSM-HSM) ? The union of four associations within 10 years has resulted in a structure serving officers for 45 years, from the...Lire plus