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Students organizations & projects

Student projects are part of the ENSM’s school project, which focuses on open-mindedness, versatility, team working, sense of responsibilities, solidarity… As many values as community life develops, and which the school encourages and supports.

This community life includes sharing the emotion the freshmen feel while being christened, watching in an electric atmosphere the « course des baignoires» (bath tub race), meeting former students and shipowners at a gala, listening to sailors songs while lunching, going to observe northern lights, taking part in regattas in the most beautiful French bays, integrating a team or sailing team…
At the ENSM, associations accompany sports, cultural, humanitarian and scientific commitments, mostly international.

If the students associations (Burals) are Hydro’s historical associations, many other associations are created around students and individual projects of high quality.

Scientific / Cultural projects

ENSM students, at Norway project trip

Sport projects

ENSM sport prroject - EDHEC race

The Burals / Presentation

ENSM burals baptism pilots marseille 2015 - 2016

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