French Maritime Academy with An International Vision

The French Maritime Academy, or Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) is a State academy established under a regime for public, scientific, cultural and professional institutions (EPSCP), The ENSM was formally created in October 2010, by application of the Decree 2010-1129 du 28 septembre 2010 modifié par le décret 2019-200 du 15 mars 2019.

The Academy operates four Campuses, in Le Havre, Saint-Malo, Nantes and Marseille.
The Academy key mission is to deliver higher education programs, in scientific, technical and general topics, including programs for Merchant Navy Officers and for Engineers/Ingénieurs, in relation to maritime, shipping and port activities, river and sea navigation, transports, industry at large, fishing and marine aquaculture, environment and sustainable development.
With a large choice of career opportunities after graduation, the Academy is naturally positioned at a global level. A wider promotion of international programs is only logical for the Academy.

Partnerships programs with higher education institutions are developed or being developed. Programs selection is based on several criteria, including:

  • Complementarity between related skills, allowing graduate students to be trained in other areas, such as management, cybersecurity and more generally, IT, law, sustainable development…
  • Sharing best practices, know-how, pedagogical innovations, in order to improve existing programs
  • Consistency between programs or between Research areas being developed at the Academy ENSM : maritime risks and energy efficiency

The Academy ENSM has, or had, several partnership programs on a global level: in North America with the Institut Maritime Québécois in Canada and the Kings Point Academy in the United States; in Africa with the Académie Régionale des Sciences et Techniques de la Mer de Côte d’Ivoire and the Institut Supérieur d’études Maritimes in Morocco ; in  Europe with the Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy in Romania, and the Fondazione Academia Italiana della Marina Mercantile, in Italy.

As part of its efforts to promote its international development, the Academy ENSM registered for the Charte Erasmus+ in 2018, and was accepted for the period until 2020, and then renewed for the period 2021-2027.

The Erasmus+ program is the new version of the original Erasmus exchange program created in 1987 by the European Union, allowing over 10 million persons to participate to exchange programs with regards to education, training, youth and sport activities, with funding provided to various projects.

Since 2014, under its new name Erasmus+, the exchange program was extended to a wider audience, to strengthen skills and improve employment chances for its beneficiaries.

Erasmus+ also support partner institutions to collaborate in international partnership programs and share new innovative methods with regard to education, training and youth.

The Academy as part of ERASMUS +

Blue4Sea Project

ENSM selected with European partners for the Blue4Sea project.


With the ERASMUS+ chart, mobility  with other institutions (from and to) apply to :

– students in the selected programs
– professors delivering lectures in all fields, in initial and continuing education
– professors taking part to projects and research under the shared topics

– administrative employees

For Internships abroad

As internships abroad are under its scope, the ERASMUS + program is opened to all ENSM students Erasmus+.

By signing onto the program, the Academy’s goals are :
– strengthening the learning of foreign languages and the development of intercultural skills, the exchange of professors
– exchange of students being trained
– sharing and making available the expertise from each partner in terms of education and research
– joint participation to tenders: for training or research programs
– pooling of tools and educational resources
– issuance of dual diplomas
– enhancing the professional and personal development for professors

See the Erasmus+ Charter for higher education 2021-2027

Download Erasmus+ 2021-2027 leaflet « Une expérience de vie enrichissante qui ouvre les esprits »

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