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Saint-Malo Campus

ENSM Students of Saint-Malo campus

Located on Saint-Malo’s city walls, the campus is managed by Jérôme Chomard. It covers an area of 6 200m2 of which a halls of residence which can accommodate 32 people.
Erwan Loison is the Deputy Head and Christophe Marcillaud, coordinator of the Studies and Training department (BEF).

Intramuros, the ENSM trains engine watch officers and Chief Engineers 3000 kW and 8000 kW. The whole machine cursus will be delivered there from 2017 within the school project with the start of the illimited Chief Engineers training course.

ENSM Groups students on pratical machine ENSM Groups students on pratical machine

As far as the initial training is concerned, high school pupils are recruited after taking an entrance exam in May each year for a capacity of around 60 students. 
Within the social advancement framework and the machine vocational training, training courses and revalidation and advanced tests are organised.
The campus also supports the candidates for the accredidation for professional experience in lieu of formal qualifications as well as the organization of tests of competences within the transitional measures.

Saint-Malo campus facilities and equipment :
- 1 liquid cargo leading simulator
Training centre for the rescue and survival at sea, le CESAME, located on the basins of the port of commerce
- 4 « machine » simulators :
- 1 simulator for the management of the circuits and engine operations (two-stroke and four-stroke engines, steam propulsion, diesel-electric propulsion)
- 1 3D simulator for operations in degraded conditions
- 1 CBT simulator for the management and the operations of the machine auxiliaries.
- 1 simulator dedicated to the students’ revisions and work in autonomy
- 1 loading simulator for liquids in bulk (LPG gas carrier, LNG gas carrier, Chemical and food products carrier, Double-hulled oil products carrier)
- 18 rooms for practical and lab work
- 11 classrooms equipped with IT presentation equipment dedicated to the teaching on digital media
- 1 104-seater amphitheater
- 1 large and 1 small hall dedicated to the medical training, functions and other events

ENSM students officer in engine room

The campus has developed partnerships with University :
- Students from Université Rennes 1/ IUT Saint-Malo come and work on the machine simulator
- A collaboration with the maritime vocational training high school in order to integrate the ENSM within Saint-Malo’s University campus

1 project in progress to recognise the students in Year 3 OCQM as having a degree level.

The CESAME 2 project is still in progress of implementation thanks to a private partnership and aims at creating a training centre dedicated to maritime safety using state-of-the-art equipment. With the help of new pedagogical resources, the ENSM will have the opportunity, in a near future, to train seafarers and technicians in the Offshore and wind farming sectors.

A Youth Hostel and two student hostels are available in Saint-Malo
The campus has a few rooms available for the students/trainees on a short training course.

The campus serves traditional lunches. They are prepared on site. The student’s fee is €4.20 per meal.

Maritime Social Services

Students can apply for a grant. The Maritime Social Services (SSM), unique social services and specialised in the French maritime world support mariners from their initial training to their retirement. An SSM social worker is present at the start of the school year and is regularly on duty within the premises all along the year :
Social assistant - Saint-Malo campus
Bâtiment Infinity 3 Rue du Bois Herveau - T.+33(0)2 90 57 40 90

statue eole campus ensm saint malo

Saint-Malo Campus - 4, rue de la Victoire BP 109 - CS 71831 - 35418 Saint-Malo Cedex, France
Saint-Malo campus : +33(0)9 70 00 04 10 / ensm.saint-malo@supmaritime.fr
Discover the Bural (Students associations) of Saint-Malo Campus.

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