Nantes Campus

Nantes campus is located in the city centre and covers an area of 8,000m2. It is managed by Pascal Leblond.
Under the authority of the campus’ Head and with the assistance of the Studies and Training department (BEF), the latter is the privileged link between the students and the school. It is the interface as far as the administration, the pedagogy and discipline are concerned. It welcomes students, supports and monitors trainees on ongoing training and delivers the certificates. Their offices are open from Monday to Friday.

pedagogical equipments

5 simulators :
– A bridge simulator located in a large room with a field of vision of 150° and a lifelike command station. Three other rooms fitted with computers and a video projector of 30°, complete the facilities. This simulator is dedicated to navigation training in all kinds of visibility conditions and to manoeuvring.
– 1 engine simulator for training on the propulsion drive and its auxiliaries.
– The radar ARPA-ECDIS simulator works with a computer and a 40-inch screen. It is mainly used for anti-collision training ARPA-ECDIS, especially in restricted visibility conditions.
– The GMDSS simulator: the training of the distress and ship security systems is delivered by the GMDSS simulator. It is possible to simulate all the distress situations by implementing the links between radio and satellites necessary to the ship rescue. The general certificate of radio operator is delivered at the end of the course.
– 1 VTS simulator (Vessel Traffic System)

8 labs:
– Multimedia lab equipped with 17 stations
– IT: 2 rooms fitted with 16 stations
– Electronics lab
– Industrial network (Internet, Ethernet)
– Automation lab
– Renewable energies lab (with a fuel cell)
– Climatic engineering lab equipped with an air conditioning test bed and two industrial cold plants test beds.
– Hydraulic lab with a hydraulic test bed

A diesel engine workshop fitted with 4 engines in assemble/dismantle modes, and 3 diesel engines


The ENSM has a partnership with the University and the Ecole Centrale of Nantes. On the 10th Assises de l’économie de la Mer in December 2014 in Nantes, the ENSM, the University and the Ecole Centrale signed a common agreement. The objective is to enhance their collaboration to develop a real Ligerian maritime pole with a national dimension.

For the past few years, the three partners have led together different collaborative projects on the maritime field (colloquium, common labs…)
This new step shows a real shared will to create bridges, especially with the mutualization of the different courses.


The Ecole Centrale in Nantes, the ENSM and the University have identified complementary competences that they wish to share in order to :
– offer high quality training in the maritime and paramaritime sectors;
– develop research work towards innovation and industrial development;
– create a synergy between the different students

In concrete terms, this approach will be illustrated by :
– the development of training courses within a partnership which could lead to a common accredidation
– the creation and development of common modules for some of the training programmes
– the participation of teacher-researchers, up to now confined into one structure, in the teaching of the other partners
– the progressive integration of the ENSM teachers to the research teams at the University and the Ecole Centrale for common scientific productions
– the punctual exchange of experts for teaching or common scientific research matters
– the exchange of research documents, of scientific documentation, of information and of publications.

The approach initiated by the three players is in perfect coherence with Campus Nantes, with the higher education development scheme, with Nantes Metropole research and innovation.
The shared aim is to deliver a high quality research and innovation higher education to build the future of a territory and develop tomorrow’s activities and jobs.

French Maritime Academy is a member of the “Campus des métiers et des qualifications nautisme”, where industrialists in the sector are interested in courses in maritime engineering.

MARITIME social service

Students can apply for a grant. The Maritime Social Services (SSM), unique social services and specialised in the French maritime world support mariners from their initial training to their retirement. An SSM social worker is present at the start of the school year and is regularly on duty within the premises all along the year :
Social assistant – Nantes campus
11 Rue Arsène Leloup – T.+33(0)2 40 84 24 53

Accommodation and Catering

Numerous rental offers from individuals or estate agencies are available to students at the site reception.
Students have an access card for the university restaurants. There are many fast food outlets adjacent to the site.

Visale scheme (formerly Clé – Caution Locative Etudiante du Crous)

This scheme allows tenants to benefit from a classic guarantee for accommodation for those who do not have the possibility of having a friend or relative take on this role. Visale then acts as a “guarantor” for the future tenant.
Access the website

Colibree scheme

Colibree is a platform for Intergenerational Cohabitation, for students looking for a room to rent.
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ENSM Nantes Campus

ENSM Nantes Campus – 38, rue Gabriel Péri BP 90303 – 44103 Nantes Cedex 04

French maritime academy in Nantes

38, rue Gabriel Péri BP 90303 – 44103 Nantes Cedex 04
Nantes campus : +33(0)9 70 00 04 30
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