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Le Havre Campus

ENSM - Le Havre Campus

The start of the new school year 2015 will take place in a new building, within the University centre, located 10 quai Frissard. The campus is part of a new urban dynamic on the Citadelle peninsula where the city’s higher education campuses are gathered.

 ENSM Le Havre campus - Hall Entrance

A positive energy building :
- South-east/north-west orientation which favours natural lighting
- The street-like staircase helps with natural ventilation
- Solar panels which cover the flat roof and provide the energy
- A heat pump system running on sea water which covers the total needs for heating the building using renewable energies.
- Outer envelope made of perforated mesh to keep in the winter solar supply, the summer hygrothermic comfort and the optimal natural lighting all year long.

 A « sustainable development » building thanks to :
- The environmental innovation: the lowest possible environmental footprint, reduction of the energy consumption, energy autonomy, optimisation of the local water resource, optimisation of the electricity distribution between supply and demand.
- Performance right from the design stage (compact building so less risk of energy loss through the surfaces, tracking of thermal breaks, natural lighting...)

ENSM Le Havre Campus Signposting

 The ship in school design :

ENSM Le Havre Campus Signposting

ENSM - Illustration of the New Ship-in-School

- The originality of the school is the pedagogical scheme called « ship in school » which entails a specific design of the premises.
- The scheme spirit is to turn the building into a pedagogical tool by giving it the same internal organization to the one of a ship by using the main features such as sizes, volumes, materials...
- The inner spaces have also been designed according to the ones of a ship where the technical aspect is everywhere: heating, ventilation, water supply or electricity distribution similar to the ones on ships.   

The building in figures :

- Around 10,000 m2
- Over 6600 m2 of premises for teaching, living and managing of which :
   4 amphitheatres (1 of 192 seats and 3 of 96 seats)
   16 classrooms
- Specific rooms dedicated to : Electricity, electronics, electrical engineering, automation
- Rooms dedicated to the associations and a space of 150 m2 named « student projects »
- 7 simulators (ECDIS, GMDSS, loading, machine, navigation...)
- 4 multimedia rooms
- Self-study rooms

Training courses on the Le Havre campus

L3 - M1/M2 - DESMM - OESMM - OCQPI - Preparatory class to OCQPIDU maritime expert,
partnership with the Le Havre University for ongoing training.


ENSM - Keys handing over ENSM Le Havre by CODAH

"Remise des clés le 11 mai 2015, en présence des cofinanceurs du bâtiment : l’Etat  (M. le sous-préfet Ory), le Conseil régional de Haute Normandie(M. le président Mayer Rossignol), la Codah (M. le président Philippe), la CCI du Havre (M. le président Vianney de Chalus). Absent sur la photo le Grand port maritime du Havre.

Le budget global du site est 27.8M€. L’Etat a participé pour 10 M€, la Région Haute Normandie pour 7.8M€ et la Communauté d’agglomération du Havre pour 10M€.
La chambre de commerce et d’industrie du Havre a accordé une subvention de 0.5M€. Le Grand port maritime du Havre a apporté la parcelle de 15000m2 (transfert de gestion)."

Accommodation and catering

Accommodation and students services in France: www.lokaviz.fr www.lindic.fr
Le CLOUS : 41, rue Casimir Delavigne 76 000 Le Havre Tél. 02 35 19 74 74
Student services and international help : dve.clous-lehavre@crous-rouen.fr
Le Havre association for student accommodation, to find Le Havre approved accommodation 41 rue Casimir Delavigne – 76600 LE HAVRE logement.etudiant@ahloet.fr – Tél : 02 35 19 74 70 – www.ahloet.fr
The campus offers a catering space open from 12 pm to 1.30 pm. The students can buy food or bring their own and warm it up.

Maritime Social Services

Students can apply for a grant. The Maritime Social Services (SSM), unique social services and specialised in the French maritime world support mariners from their initial training to their retirement. An SSM social worker is present at the start of the school year and is regularly on duty within the premises all along the year :
Social assistant - Le Havre campus
4, rue du Colonel Fabien - T.+33(0)2 35 42 46 03

ENSM Le Havre Campus - 10, Quai Frissard 76600 Le Havre, France
Le Havre campus : +33(0)9 70 00 03 80 / ensm.lehavre@supmaritime.fr
Discover the Bural (Students associations) of Le Havre Campus.

Download the Etudiant Guide - Le Havre PDF - icône

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