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ENIM, Seafarers’Social Security System

Except in special cases, the students at the National Maritime College have the status of seafarers.
Download now your membership application.

They contribute to the seafarers’social security pension scheme called ENIM and are covered by the maritime families allowances pension scheme (CMAF) from which they can get housing assistance.
This newly acquired status makes it mandatory for them to contribute to the social security protection system for seafarers. To become affiliated, they have to submit a file.
They will receive a handbook entitled Social Security Protection for a Student at the National Maritime College ENSM) before the start of the school year.
They will pay the annual flat rate contribution after receiving the bill at home. 

Contents :
- an information guide on ENIM and its partners
- membership form « RPM337 »
- authorisation form of payment on your legal representative’s bank account (if you don’t have a bank account
- trainee’s proof of salary form of the continuing vocational training
- GP declaration form

The full application file will have to be handed in to your school or to the ENIM which will be present on the first day of the school year.
Find the necessary information on ENIM’s website.

In need of housing assistance?

The maritime pension scheme for families allowances walks you through the procedure. What fees to expect? What benefits am I entitled to? How to choose housing? All the answers are available here : Handbook for housing.

Contact Enim : 0 811 701 703 / Enim website

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