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ENIM, the social welfare scheme for seafarers

The affiliation to ENIM is a specific procedure. It is different from the identification as a seafarer which is done by the State’s services in charge of the Sea.

The affiliation to the special social welfare scheme for seafarers concerns every ENSM student, whether they train to obtain a maritime diploma with the objective to be certified to work as a seafarer, or not (paramaritime programme)

However, the trainee following an ongoing vocational training course, that is to say the employee paid by their employer or the job-seeker covered by a public administration will continue to be affiliated to the social welfare scheme they belonged to when started their course.

Your affiliation

You are affiliated to the social welfare scheme for seafarers as soon as you start your course at the Academy. As for the students following a course in general education, the fixed contribution to be affiliated with the social welfare scheme for seafarers is 0 euros

The procedure

As soon as you have completed your registration with the Academy, ENIM will take charge of your affiliation as an insured person and will send you an attestation of your rights to the social welfare

Contact / Information

Access ENIM’s website to get the Guide and all the necessary documents for the start of the school year 2018.
Download the students guide for social protection 2018/2019 PDF - icône
Contact Enim : +33 (0) 811 701 703 (Service 0,06€ /min + price for a call)

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