Admissions by University Degrees

Engineer seaferer

Recruitment with a university degree is also open in the engineer program (ENSM Engineering Degree).
It allows candidates with a diploma of at least two years of scientific studies in higher education to participate in the first selection of school records before an interview with the jury.

Successful candidates integrate into the first year of the cycle 1 of the engineering education and training curriculum of ENSM.
For information, in 2018, 20 places are reserved for university degree admission.

Final Admission will be subject to a certificate of aptitude, defined internationally.
Refer to the decree published on January 2015 which amended the decree published on April 16, 1986, relating to the physical aptitude of seafarers.


Registrations for the academic year 2020-2021 are closed.

Click here to access the registration portal.
– Providing the school record, a CV and a letter of motivation.
– Contest registration fee: 60 €

Read the decree relating to the organizational arrangements for the year 2018.

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