Offshore maintenance manager

ENSM - Le Bourbon vessel

At the end of Semester 6, the students will be able to choose between three courses : Seafarer, Eco Ship Manager or Offshore Maintenance Manager.

The option « Offshore maintenance manager » is a full course over a five-year period and validated by the CTI (engineer level qualification commission) .
It puts the “marine energies” forward: MRE/Oil/Gas.
The delivery of the ENSM’s engineer level qualification option “Offshore maintenance manager” depends on the validation of the four semesters following semester 6. The whole course will then cover a five-year period.

The course will take place on the Nantes campus where the academic and industrial environment creates ideal conditions to the development of para-maritime activities, on the one hand from the training and research point of view and on the other hand from the innovation and production one.

The region « Pays de le Loire » has a wealth of companies with a maritime activity, mainly in the MRE and construction sectors: EDF-EN, STX, DCNS, ALSTOM… The new Technocampus Océan, where the ENSM has premises, reinforces the attractiveness of the region. This R&D centre of the Jules Verne IRT, focused on naval construction and the Marine Renewable Energies, is composed of researchers, technicians, industrial partners, engineer level schools and labs.

Within the framework of continuing education, the access to maritime engineering is a possibility for chief engineers and the holders of a merchant navy higher education diploma (DESMM).
Registrations for the academic year 2018-2019 are closed.

Download the Flyer for the engineer level courses PDF - icône
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