Marine Engineering option: Installation and maintenance of Offshore systems



The specialized modules in Marine engineering are components of the French Maritime Academy’s program for Ingénieur certification, and are taught in Nantes campus over two years. Those two years represent the Master years in an engineer-level cycle.

Admission for the two years, M1 and M2, is done on individual review of students’ records:
– following the first three years of ENSM program for “Ingénieur navigant”, or
– following the « Licence » 3rd year (Bachelor’s Degree) in Marine engineering accessible in Nantes to candidates who successfully passed the exam “Banque PT”

– persons who have already graduated with a Merchant Navy Level II title or above: DESMM, Chief engineer 8000 kW, Chief Engineer, Captain, unlimited Watchkeeping Officers)
– persons who have already graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in a scientific or technical field.

There are two modules options under the Marine engineering program, recognised as “ingénieur” qualification (Master’s Degree in Engineering) by the French qualification commission (CTI):
– Ship Eco Management (EGN)
– Installation and maintenance of Offshore systems (DMO).

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The program covers general topics such as protection of the marine environment, management of high-risk systems, entrepreneurship, regulations, human and social sciences, labour law or English at professional level. The technical topics are specific to each of the two options. Students select their option during the first two months of the program.


 Engineering students must complete :

– An internship of at least 4 weeks at technician level to be completed outside the school year before entering Master 2
– A 24-week (6-month) engineering-level internship integrated into their training program: this internship takes place during their last academic year (Master 2) from January to June.

Offshore Maintenance DMP program

The Installation and Maintenance of Offshore systems option (DMO) focuses on aspects related to the deployment of offshore production plant or energy generation at sea, from marine renewable energies (MRE) for example, plant maintenance, production optimisation and supply of offshore energies, foundations and structures of offshore systems.

The career opportunities include: Engineer in charge of operation and maintenance of installations, Expert/surveyor for companies specialized in marine energies, Engineer for Administration, Expert/surveyor for insurance companies.

This program is delivered on the Nantes campus, a city where a rich academic and industrial background creates favourable conditions for the development of marine engineering activities, which in turn benefits to training partners, Research and Development initiatives and finally commercial production.

The French Maritime Academy has strong links with key stakeholders in the  Pays de la Loire region, which hosts numerous companies specialised in marine renewable energies and marine construction. 

The Academy ENSM has premises on the new Technocampus Océan , one of the Region landmark. This Research and Development centre, together with the research centre IRT Jules Verne, focuses on ship-building and marine renewable energies and hosts researchers, technicians, industrial partners, engineering academies and laboratories.

In addition to the training delivered at the ENSM Academy, students attend conferences and events such as :
– MARISK, on economical challenges and management of new risks in maritime
– FWP (floating wind power)
– Euromaritime
– Ocean Energy Europe

Research work

During the M1 year,  students work in small groups on Research topics suggested by industry stakeholders, such as:
– Preliminary study of a platform and its anchoring system for energy storage plant using compressed air,

– Study on a long-term signalling system for a floating wind turbine,
– Study on the installation and network system for underwater tanks

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