Navigant ingénieur, officier 1re classe de la marine marchande


The school curriculum of the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) is a scientific and technical training composed of theory, exercises on real installations and simulator, navigation internships and/or corporate internships.
It trains officers of the Merchant Marines with the Post-graduate degree of Merchant Marines (DESMM) and the marine engineer status in 5 years and a half after the Baccalauréat.
It also offers training for careers in the para-maritime sector.

O1MM Cursus

Admission : Post-bac sur concours
Durée : 5 ans et demi
Site :
Marseille (L1, L2 et L3)
Le Havre (M1 et M2)
130 places sont ouvertes au concours sur épreuves d’ingénieurs 2019 et 20 places sur titres.
Droits de scolarité (2019-2020)


The French Maritime Academy students are recruited through an entrance exam for twelth grade students as well as for those who have passed the Baccalauréat.
A few places are available for candidates who hold a technical or scientific university degree equivalent to a first cycle of university curriculum or for those who were enrolled in second-year scientifical preparatory classes for Ivy League schools.
Registration for the academic year 2019-2020 are closed.

The first three years of training (semesters one through six) are identical for all students. They take place in Marseille Campus. The classes consist of theory, real installations and simulator training in technical and scientific sectors relating to maritime commerce and to the propulsion system and energy production of a merchant ship.
After obtaining essential certification (fire-fighting, medical and survival training), students will board ships each year, thus practicing the knowledge they gained and discovering maritime life.

The French Maritime Academy organizes « Meetings with Shipowners » days in order to help each student find a ship to board. The French Maritime Academy actively supports each student’s search.


The lectures are composed of theory classes, real-life professional situations on real-life and simulated tools in the scientific and technical domains related to nautical and commercial operations, as well as propulsion and energy production of a merchant ship. It is a dual-purpose training course, deck and engine
Following the indispensable certifications (of which fire-fighting, medical and survival trainings…), the students carry out onboard internships each year as cadets on ocean-going vessels. They put into practice their skills acquired during the lectures and discover the maritime world. Meetings with shipowners will be organized to help each student to find internships. The French Maritime Academy supports this search by putting together a company directory available to the students


At the end of Semester 6, the students will be able to choose between three courses : Seafarer, Eco Ship Manager or Offshore Maintenance Manager.

The option « Eco ship manager » is a full course over a five-year period and validated by the CTI (engineer level qualification commission).
The option « Offshore maintenance manager » is a full course over a five-year period and validated by the CTI (engineer level qualification commission).

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