Merchant Navy Officer and “Ingénieur navigant”


The programs taught at the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) are based on scientific and technical training, with both academic education and practical training on genuine equipment and simulators, and time at sea as cadet and/or internships in companies.
With a five year training, students obtain a Merchant Navy Officer qualification, recognised as a Post-graduate degree (Diplome Etudes Supérieures de la Marine Marchande, DESMM) and a “ingénieur navigant” certification recognised by the French “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs”. The certification is obtained in 5 and a half years after the French Baccalauréat.
The training program is also a gateway to careers in the maritime industry at large.
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O1MM Cursus

Admission : postbac
Registration : on Parcoursup
Duration : 5,5 years
Sites :
Marseille (L1, L2 et L3)
Le Havre (M1 et M2)
165 admissions open in 2022
Scolarity fees (2021-2022) : 1430€


Registration for admission to the Academy ENSM for the program Merchant Navy Officer-Ingénieur navigant, is done through the platform Parcoursup.

Contact :

The first six semesters (L cycle) are taught in the Marseille campus,  with a unique training program delivered for all students enrolled under the Merchant Navy Officer program (O1MM).

The following five semesters, leading to the DESMM diploma and the “ingénieur navigant” certification, are taught in Le Havre campus.

Seafarers shall satisfy with medical fitness criteria, set at international level.

Check here the decree specifying the medical fitness criteria for seafarers working on commercial or fishing vessels and commercial yachts.

A medical appointment with recognised seafarers Doctor is requested only for students who obtained their certification.


The classes are a mix of academic lessons, real-life situations on genuine equipment and simulation tools, in the scientific and technical areas related to navigation and commercial operations, as well as propulsion and energy production for a commercial ship. The program is a dual-purpose training, for deck and engine departments.

Examples of on-line training sessions:

Once the required additional certifications are obtained (certifications for fire-fighting, medical and survival trainings…), students undergo time at sea each year as cadets on vessels. It is an opportunity for students to put into practice the skills acquired with the training program and to discover the maritime world.

Meetings with shipowners are organized to help each student in finding a cadet internship. The French Maritime Academy supports this search by putting together a Companies directory for the students.


At the end of Semester 6, students may choose between three program options: Officer at sea, Ship Eco Management or Installation and Maintenance of Offshore systems.

  • The option Officer at sea leads to the Merchant Navy Officer diploma “Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures de la Marine Marchande (DESMM)” with a certification as “ingénieur”.
  • The two other options, « Eco ship Management » and « Installation and Maintenance of Offshore systems» are designed for those willing to work in areas such as sustainable development and Blue growth, and students obtain a certification as “ingénieur”.

The « Officer at sea» program ends with the DESMM certification and leads the way to the two ultimate ranks on commercial ships :

– Captain: Overall command with ultimate responsibility for the ship journey, representing the shipowner
– Chief Engineer: In charge of maintenance and operation of the ship’s machineries and plants

The Diplôme d’Elève Officier de 1ere classe de la Marine Marchande (DEO1MM), Merchant Navy Cadet Officer Diploma, is issued to students who have validated the seven semesters in the first cycle and have obtained a score at least equal to 750 for the TOEIC exam or level B2 under Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

The Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures de la Marine Marchande (DESMM), Dual Purpose Merchant Navy Officer Diploma, is issued to students who have validated the four semesters in the second cycle and have obtained a score at least equal to 850 for the TOEIC exam or level C1 under the CEFR.

Refer to the options «Ship Eco management» and «Installation and maintenance of offshore systems».

Download the O1MM/Ingenieur Navigant flyer
Marseille campus : +33(0)9 70 00 04 72
Le Havre campus : +33(0)9 70 00 03 80
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