List of the dissertations – 2017

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– Securing and optimisation of an electrical installation onboard a vessel

– Exploitation of vessel’s data as part of the energy optimisation of the ship

– Attractions and constraints of sailing under a foreign flag for the French seaman

– The hybrid scrubbers (Open Loop/ Close Loop)

– The absorption machine

– A study of life onboard today’s vessels and its impact on the risk factor

– Coordination of maritime flows

– The routeing of a mix propulsion vessel. From modelisation of weather conditions and vessel’s performance, to the creation of routeing software

– Neutrinos detection and the maritime telescope project MEUST –

– A study of the impact of the set up of class IE3 or IE4 motors onboard ships

– The Safran systems Promas-lite

– Mobilisation of a traditional cable ship for the maintenance of a power cable bundle

– Social protection of seafarers sailing under a foreign flag

– Switching fuel in SECA zones, legal constraints and technical and navigation implications

– SAR, ORSEC plans and feedback on their implementation during an exercise on a passenger ship

– Hybrid scrubbers (Open Loop/ Close Loop)

– The progression of the yachting industry and the different regulations applicable to mega yachts

– The e-navigation

– Commissioning of a foreign-flagged passenger vessel

– Membrane technology onboard water treatment plant

– Working in hyperbaric conditions, risk analysis and dealing with accidents

– Feedback after a year spent using exhaust gases washing systems on M/V BARFLEUR : failures, solutions and optimisation of the system

– Navigation on the Saint-Laurent : regulations and specificities

– Navigation in remote areas

– Motorisation of a sailing cargo vessel

– Feedback on the boiler fire onboard M/T Guyenne

– Evolution of tuna preservation on board fishing vessels

– Volatil organic compound

– Ship recycling : what’s the future in France ?

– Routeing general optimisation

– Motorisation of a sailing cargo vessel

– Construction and refit of a ship. Study of the process for the shipowner Z and D

– Operational constraints on an oil tanker

– The use of cranes in an Offshore environment

– The new technologies for tomorrow’s merchant navy : innovations and technologies in the solar and wind sectors and their applications in the maritime sector

– Field study and environmental impact of a tidal turbine

– Accepting and practising abandon drills, within the MLC

– The use of Flettner rotors onboard merchant ships

– Modern cruising

– From Slow steaming to derating.

– Tidal turbines, renewable marine energy

– Method and analysis of the BEA (MAIB)

– Port responsibilities towards merchant ships

– The lay-up of merchant ships.

– Purchases for the engine department: strategy

– GPS real TIME Kinematic

– Heavy maintenance of onboard cranes: replacement of a crane cable

– Weather, currents, ice concentration: routeing in a polar environment

– Moral harassment in the maritime sector, a reflexion and critical analysis

– A study of air assets deployed by France to comply with the maritime pollution standards

– Is regulation by fuzzy logic applicable to a sails trimming system of a ship?

– Fire onboard a RoPax

– The seventh continent, a “continent” of garbage

– Notion of a port of refuge: the issue of welcoming a vessel in distress

– Set up and management of a regular maritime line

– Hydraulic installation FRAMO

– Methanisation of waste onboard passenger vessels

– Alliances and technical agreements in containerised transport

– Hydro-acoustic positioning systems

– What are the stakes of a waterway activity as part of shipping in the Seine ports?

– Maritime security : evolution of the threats and the consequences on operations

– Safety management onboard passenger vessels : design, installations, procedures and regulations

– A study of the regulation applicable to a sailing cargo vessel

– The seventh continent: a study of a phenomenon, of its evolution and its potential reuse

– Organisation of the staff and work onboard a cruise ship

– Water ballast treatment

– The technology of underwater cables

– Development of short distance shipping to transport agricultural produces from Almeria, Spain to Europe

– Reliquefaction of LNG boil-off onboard methane carriers

– Shaft alternator on a two-stroke engine

– Low sulphur DO and bacteriological issues

– Marine renewable energies resources : exploitation, conversion systems and issues for our planet

– Bolted connections in the merchant navy

– Predictive maintenance and the existing ultrasound solutions

– The Arctic treaty

– MEUST project: getting to know the universe better thanks to the sea

– Replacing non structural components currently made out of steel by composite materials elements

– Retro cruising, an opportunity to seize?

– Cyber-crime in the maritime sector

– Implementation of an EVASAN

– The Mont-Saint-Michel bay

– ECDIS : stakes and strategies of a revolution led by the development of the e-navigation

– Maritime strategies in the Arctic : stakes, risks

– Writing up of a Passage Card Northern route (importance of the regulation aspect)

– Competent jurisdictions in the merchant navy

– Vibrations, a source of disturbance but also a source of information and energy

– The importance of monitoring and keeping the chemical parametres of sea water

– An analysis of rescue and first aid techniques and trainings onboard ships

– Serious game, a training tool

– The technical constraints of slow steaming and the solutions to deal with them

– The evolution of the crude oil market and the merchant navy

– Offshore wind farms, their installations, the required maintenance and their place in the environment

– Manoeuvering stations – get the state-of-the-art on ships from different companies in order to write specifications for

– Renewable energies at sea

– Sustentation semi-submersible ships : energy efficiency and viability

– The VLCC SARA’s steam turbogenerator: the limits of its general output

– The exploitation of Arctic resources and its consequences

– Underwater telecommunications sector : the situation, evolutions, and perspectives for a French company

– Piracy in the Guinea Gulf

– Integration of a bubble injection system under the hull (application of the Mitsui’s MAL system fitted to gigantic cruise ships such as « Quantum of the Seas » type ships)

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