List of the dissertations – 2016

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– Roald Amundsen’s expeditions and the race to the Poles

– Vibration measurements and their integration in the CAMM

– SAR in the Mediterranean Sea

– A study of  CRYOSTAR’s cryogenic compressors

– Exploitation of vessel’s data as part of the energy optimisation of the ship

– Seaborne carriage of Airbus parts

– Centrifugal dredge pumps and lines: issues, solutions and limits of slurry transportation

– Water treatment plants on merchant ships

– Fire onboard Le Boréal in November 2015

– Weather and oceanographic observations,  forecast and routeing software

– Advantages and drawbacks of sailing under a foreign flag for the French seafarer

– Marine pollution and sea waste

– Hybrid scrubbers (Open Loop/ Close Loop)

– The absorption machine

– Winds in Haute Corse

– Takeover process of the SNCM

– Onboard working conditions and impact on safety and work efficiency

– The coordination of maritime flows

– Cold stack of a seismic vessel : the Geo Coral

– Weather routeing of a sailing cargo ship

– The Panama Canal

– Neutrinos detection and the maritime telescope project MEUST

– A study of the impact of the set up of class IE3 or IE4 motors onboard ships

– Vessels of the future, a triple challenge for shipping

– The merchant navy during WW2

– A study of the Ballast water system plant “VOS” (Venturi Oxygen Stripping) onboard a VLCC

– Four to eight points anchoring operation

– The Safran systems Promas-lite

– Cadets training onboard ships

– Mobilisation of a traditional cable laying ship for the maintenance of a power cable bundle

– Towing and anchoring operations of mobile units in the Offshore oil sector

– Dismantling and recycling end of life ships

– A study of global market opportunities for maritime transport in targeted archipelagoes

– Social protection for seafarers sailing under foreign flags

– Switching fuel in SECA zones ; legal constraints and their technical and navigation implications

– Intelligent containers

– SAR, ORSEC plans and feedback on their implementation during an exercise on a passenger ship

– Ships-drones : how surface drones work, their possibilities, their limits

– Hybrid scrubbers (Open Loop/ Close Loop)

– Different regulations applicable on mega yachts

– The e-navigation

– Engines with electronic injection

– Commissioning of a foreign-flagged passenger vessel

– Safety at sea in front of shipping’s global evolution

– Membrane technology onboard for water treatment

– The Mont Saint Michel project

– Maritime space surveying

– Working in hyperbaric conditions, risk analysis and dealing with accidents

– Laying and repairing underwater cables

– The deskilling of the seafarer

– Navigation in restricted waters

– Feedback after a year spent using exhaust gases washing systems on M/V BARFLEUR : failures, solutions and optimisation of the system

– Navigation on the Saint-Laurent : regulations and specificities

– Navigation in remote areas

– Motorisation of a sailing cargo vessel

– Boiler fire onboard M/T Guyenne

– Evolution of tuna preservation on board fishing vessels

– The OSPAR convention

– Volatil organic compound

– Confined spaces overhauling onboard an oil tanker

– Dismantling merchant ships : ecology, economy and ethics

– As part of the project Z&B, weight report and study of the vessel’s structure

– Foundering of the frigate La Méduse, from the sinking on the Arguin bank to the trial in Rochefort
– Modelisation and weather routeing project : integration of the vessel’s performances

– Real-time spotting of cetaceans

– Damage Schottel : transversal shaft of the system / Case of the VB Performance

– Motorisation of a sailing cargo vessel

– Shipbuilding and shipyards in France and in Europe

– Cyber-security of a vessel

– Operational constraints on an oil tanker

– The use of cranes in an Offshore environment

– Evolution of abandonment on passenger vessels

– The pedagogical sailing boat

– Ergonomy of the ECDIS

– The means to fight terrorism onboard passenger vessels

– High scale sea rescue operations

– Predictive maintenance : benefits, implementation, reliability

– The new technologies for tomorrow’s merchant navy : innovations and technologies in the solar and wind sectors and their applications in the maritime sector

– Development of high voltage in a marine environment

– Job security scheme in the maritime sector

– From Bombard to nowadays

– Hoisting gear : good practice within the implementation of the MLC

– Calls in hazardous areas

– Field study, laying and environmental impact of a tidal turbine

– Evolution of the bridge in the 20th century

– Lorient, the city with five harbours

– Tall School Ship: construction project of a Tall School Ship “Green” for France (solar energy)

– The new coastal route on the Reunion Island

– JIFMAR OFFSHORE SERVICES : a growing company

– Ships-drones : how do surface drones work, what possibilities, what limits ?

– Accepting and practising abandon drills, within the MLC

– Construction of Calais’ new harbour

– The use of Flettner rotors onboard merchant ships

– Dynamic survival

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