The Training Center for survival and sea rescue of the French Maritime Academy

The Training Center for survival and sea rescue (CESAME) of the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) is a teaching aid to train cadets in the Merchant Marine in the areas of abandoning ship, sea survival and rescuein accordance with the amendedSTCW Convention.

Located in Saint-Malo, it is a public center, unique in France, equipped with all modern facilities, used for training rescue and survival at sea.It also makes its expertise available to the maritime vocational schools and shipping companies for the training of crews.

It is the only training center in France to use the Free-Fall lifeboat. As part of continuing education CESAME welcomes merchant seamen, fishermen, and yachtsmen.
The ENSM CESAME offers revalidation courses to meet the Manila amendments 2010 (amended STCW95) CAEERS, CAECSR and TIS that are to be revalidated every five years.

 Certificate of Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats / CAEERS – STCW-PSCRB (4,5 days)
– Certificate of Proficiency in survival craft and fast rescue boats / CAECSR – STCW-PSCFRB (3 days)
– Personal Survival Techniques / TIS – STCW-PST (2 days)
– Safety training on board passenger vessels
(20 hours for officers, 16 hours for other personnel)
– Training in crisis management and human behavior (8 hours)

Training ISAF (Survival training)

– Other Trainings :
Operation of marine evacuation system for passenger ships
Operation of a « Free-Fall » lifeboat
Operation of a « jet » powered fast rescue boats.

The CESAME (ENSM) puts its know-how and experience at your service in the following areas :
Operation of your life-saving appliances
Abandon ship procedures
Safety Management Report, abandon ship and fire
Assistance in the construction of a ship : equipment selection, positioning gear and rescue equipment…


SImulateur incendie de l’ENSM

Composed of several containers :
– 2 x 40ft, et 2x 20ft + & extra 20ft for the technical part
– 75 m2 of indoor surface and 75m2 of outdoor decks dedicated to the training. Over three levels, the equipment gives the opportunity to simulate in a realistic way the environment of a ship. Fitted with a fire source below the floor and two versatile sources located in a variable volume, ENSM’s simulator can represent different fires, cabine fires or chip pan fires.

It took three days to assemble mechanically, to set up, to level, to install safety guards and ladders, and to install the piping system of the delivered containers and accessories. Another fortnight was dedicated to the completion of the cabling and piping then the adjustment of the fire sources, of the smoke generator and of the booster for the fire main supply. Meanwhile, the minor equipment, the fire hoses, the balaclavas, the gloves were delivered and stored.

The adaptation of the premises consisted mainly in the conversion of existing changing rooms into fire changing rooms with a dedicated storing zone.

The simulator and the training course for the operation of the container delivered to the ENSM in July allowed to finalise the preparation, the equipment inventory and the preparation of the pedagogical sessions during the summer.
The training of the trainers had as a double aim the increase of the CESAME’s teachers’ competences and the validation of the pedagogical sequences. CESAME’s teachers will be supervised by four firemen from Saint-Malo specialised in fires onboard ships at level 3. They will be the technical advisers and will teach at the ENSM together with the maritime teachers.

The development of this new simulator will allow the ENSM to increase its competences and to take over this training which was delivered to its students until the end of July by private training centres.

1st stage : on 13 September 2016 ENSM’s students revalidation (O1M2). 460 students and 370 outside trainees will be trained within the next year.

The preparation for the certificate of advanced fire-fighting qualification, team management, with dummy, smoke generator, communication technique, will be carried out on ENSM’s intra-muros campus.
Revalidation for seafarers : 4 days with the certificate of proficiency in survival crafts, with freefall, personal survival techniques (rafts and suits), basic training for fire-fighting, advanced training for fire-fighting.
First year students : L1 and maritime college : 5 days to gain the whole practical training for the basic safety certificate.

Membre de l’IASST

The ENSM CESAME is a member of the IASST (International Association for Safety and Survival Training). It is accredited by the FFV (French sailing Federation) and the ISAF (International Sailing Federation) for survival training that is mandatory for ocean racing.

ENSM Cesame

CESAME – 31 Terre-Plein des Servannais, 35400 Saint-Malo, France


31 Terre-Plein des Servannais, 35400 Saint-Malo, France
Switchboard : +33(0)9 70 00 03 17

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