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The « Burals » are the ENSM’ s student associations which include twenty or more other associations. On each campus, the “Bural” is composed of a president named ”Grand Mât”, of a general secretary named “Mât de misaine”, and  of a treasurer. It drives the student life and make sure the traditions of the merchant navy are kept alive, especially the welcoming of the freshmen and their christening in front of their families, teachers and former students.

Read ” Mémoire de l’Hydro – 1961 Christening in Le Havre

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Le Havre / 2020-2021

Grand Mât : Maxence PITRAYE
Mat de misaine : Antoine LOY
Treasurer : Florian LEBRETON
Secretary : Jeanne MONNIER
VP communication : Pauline ROUSSEL
VP parternship : Dylan ALOY
VP town hall relations : Maxime FOUILLIT
VP tradition : Antonin SEHET
VP choral : Thyl LEPRETTE
VP events : Ugo MAHE
VP culture : Vincent LE BELLEC
VP sport : Mathéo NAULEO
VP sport : Baptiste CLOAREC

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Panier de l’Hydro

Download organization chart of Le Havre Bural

Saint-Malo / 2020-2021

Grand Mât : Irwin ANDRO
Mat de misaine : Malick BERTELOOT
Treasurer : Mina TISSERAND
VP sail : Louis PLAYE (et Arsène VACHER)
VP tradition : Blandine MARQUES ( et Lucas MENNISSEZ)
VP rugby : Antoine HANCZYK

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Facebook : Facebook  Bural of Saint-Malo

Nantes / 2020-2021

Grand Mât : Julien PEROTTINO
Mât de misaine : Margot CARUEL
Treasurer : Pauline DRUMEZ
Sports events manager : Marin TIXIER
Festive events manager : Gabriel BLAISE

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Facebook : Facebook Bural of Nantes

Download organization chart of Nantes Bural


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Marseille / 2020-2021

Grand Mât : Dylan BREYTON
Mât de Misaine : Malo HERVOUET
Treasurer : Thomas THIEBLEMONT

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Facebook : Facebook Bural of Marseille

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