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New project of a seagoing and waterway fast ROPAX with a low carbon footprint.


Today, among the fast ROPAX, only the biggest ones have an acceptable energetic performance: their fuel consumption per kilometer and per passenger benefits from a favorable scale effect.

As soon as the size of these fast ROPAX decreases, this scale effect decreases and the energetic performance declines.

In order to meet this challenge, the company Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels  (A2V) and the ENSM have become partners in the AERONAV project within the framework of the programme « Vehicles and transports of the future and Future Investments”.

AERONAV is supported by the ADEME. The aim is to design and launch a new generation of carriers both fast and with a high energetic performance while remaining medium size vessels.


The aim of this project is to remove the technological locks, to develop digital tools and the necessary knowledge to design and market a new generation of carriers: vessels which are both fast and fuel-efficient, while decreasing maritime or waterway passenger transport’s footprint, as well as minimizing the costs for shipowners.

The implemented technology, a catamaran hull with a very innovating geometry, allows these vessels to get support both from water and air. This design definitely reduces the resistance at high speed, leading to fuel savings which represent many times the cost of the vessel’s life span.


The project consists in developing and building a first vessel to justify the design’s pertinence at different levels: operational, statutory and financial.

It also aims at developing a series of tools designed specifically for this new technology in naval architecture.

The ENSM will be in charge of studying the aspects of the project related to the international maritime regulation, the bridge’s ergonomics and the need for training to operate these vessels.

A2V will be responsible for the R&D, the design, the research consultancy, the building and the sea trials of the first vessel following the successful trials of its prototype in 2015.

The project AERONAV is supported by the ADEME within the framework of the programme « Vehicles and transports of the future and Future Investments ».
Duration : 2 years
Start : December 2015
Total cost : €2.4M
Of which PIA’s aid : €1.6 M
Location : Nantes (44), La Rochelle (17), Le Havre (76)


Technique and communication / Matthieu Kerhuel
matthieu.kerhuel@aavessels.comAdvanced Aerodynamic Vessels
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