Advanced training for ships operating in polar regions

for who

Captains, Chief Officers and officers  in charge of bridge watchkeeping onboard vessels operated in polar regions


Persons holding a basic training certificate or statement for vessels operating in polar regions, still valid.


– Contribute to the operational safety of vessels operated in polar regions
–Monitor and ensure compliance with legal requirements
–Implement safe occupational practices, take actions in emergency situations
–Ensure compliance to requirements related to the prevention of pollution and avoid risks to the environment


30 hours (from Day 1-1.30 pm to Day 5-12.30 pm)


–Amended International STCW Convention on the standards of seamen training, of delivery of watchkeeping certificates
– Section A-V/4 : minimal competence standard for the delivery of the advanced training for ships operated in polar regions
– Table A-V/4-2
– Decree dated 19 December 2016 related to the delivery of required titles for onboard service on ships operated in polar regions


Theoretical training:
–Voyage planning and voyage management in polar regions
–Equipment limitations
–Ship operation and manoeuvring in ice conditions
– Ship’s crew and passengers safety
Practical training:
– Establishing a safe itinerary and voyage planning in order to avoid ice conditions
– Altering planned route due to the state of ice conditions
– Conditions required to safely enter ice areas or open waters
–How to prevent the ship from being ice-bound and freeing the ice-bound ship. Manoeuvring the ship in different ice concentrations and covering. Berthing and unberthing procedures in ice-covered waters
–Anchoring procedures in ice conditions



teaching staff

–Certified maritime education professors
– Certified consultants

End of training assessment

Written exam : Competences to safely operate ships in polar regions
Oral test and simulator practice :  Competences on voyage planning and management in polar regions



Satisfaction RATE

Asked about their training at the French Maritime Academy (ENSM), the trainees were satisfied at 95%.

Certification/STATEMENT ISSUANCE rate

The certification / attestation rate for this training is 100%


3 200€