Formation avancée à la Haute Tension à bord des navires


For all seamen working as electrotechnician officers as well as all personnel in charge of the maintenance of electrical systems onboard merchant or pleasure vessels of an output over 750 kW.


Gaining advanced competences in high-voltage electrical systems in all installations where the produced and distributed voltage is over 1000 volts alternative or 1500 volts direct and below 15000 volts.


16 hours


Decree dated 12 April 2016 related to courses in high-voltage onboard ships
– Amendments 2010 Manilla Convention STCW international convention on the standards for seamen training table A-III/ 6


HT technology:
– Design of appliances dedicated to a use on an HT installation (circuit breakers, electric motors, transformers, alternators, switchboards, measurement devices,…)
Vessel’s electric propulsion, motors and electrically-controlled systems:
– Energy chain of an electric propulsion installation integrated to a shaft line and by PODs
– Advantages and drawbacks of the different types of ship
– Speed control chain and propeller azimuth
– Technological specificities of propulsion motors, auxiliaries (refrigeration, lubrication, excitation, electrical connector)
–Variators and associated devices to curb harmonic pollution
Practicals on safely operating and maintaining HT electric systems:

– Protective equipment, specific tools and locking devices
– Practical and organization of maintenance levels 1 and 2 FD X 60-000 norm
– Consignment
– Removal of a circuit breaker from an HT cell
– Circuit breaker control ready to trigger, insulation, cable polarity
– Wear and tear of circuit breakers electrical connector
– Tightening of connection cables, voltage clamp, electrical work permit to work


ENSM’s Marseille, Le Havre and Saint-Malo campuses


Maritime education lecturers
Technical maritime education lecturers

Attestation for the delivery of an STCW certificate


Satisfaction survey

When asked about their course at the French Maritime Academy, 100% of the trainees were satisfied with the course.

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