Advanced training in high voltage onboard ships

for who

Seafarers working as electrotechnician officers, and personnel in charge of the maintenance of electrical systems onboard commercial or pleasure vessels with a power output over 750 kW.


Obtain advanced skills in high-voltage electrical systems in all installations where the produced and distributed voltage is over 1 000 V AC or 1 500 V DC and below 15 000 V.


16 hours


Decree dated 12 April 2016 related to courses in high-voltage onboard ships
– Manilla Amendments 2010 to STCW Convention (international convention on the standards for seamen) training table A-III/ 6


High voltage technology:
– Design of appliances dedicated to HV systems (circuit breakers, electric motors, transformers, alternators, switchboards, measurement devices,…)
Vessel’s electric propulsion, motors and electrically-controlled systems:
– Energy chain of an electric propulsion installation integrated to a shaft line and by PODs
– Advantages and drawbacks of the different types of ship
– Speed control chain and propeller azimuth
– Technological specificities of propulsion motors, auxiliaries (refrigeration, lubrication, excitation, electrical connector)
–Variators and associated devices to curb harmonic pollution
Practical aspects on safely operating and maintaining HV electrical systems:

– Protective equipment, specific tools and locking devices
– Practical and organization of maintenance levels 1 and 2 FD X 60-000 Standard
– Consignment
– Removing a circuit breaker from an HV cell
– Circuit breaker control ready to trigger, insulation, cable polarity
– Wear and tear of circuit breakers electrical connector
– Tightening of connection cables, voltage clamp, electrical work permit to work


ENSM’s Marseille, Le Havre and Saint-Malo campuses

teaching staff

Maritime Academy professors and technical professors

statement for the issuance of an STCW certificate


Satisfaction rate

The satisfaction rate for this training is 92%.

Certification/statement issuance rate

The certification / statement issuance rate for this training is 100%



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