Advanced training IGF code



Masters, engineers and all members of the personnel in charge of the precautions to take with fuels and fuel circuits onboard vessels subject to the IGF Code and the use of these fuels and fuel circuits.


Certificate of basic training for operations related to the shipment of liquefied gas tankers.


– Clear understanding of the physical and chemical properties of fuels onboard vessels subject to the IGF Code
– Operation of the fuel controls of the propulsion system and the circuits and machinery services as well as the safety systems onboard ships
– Ability to safely carry out and monitor all fuel operations
– Planning and monitoring of fuel bunkering, storage, safe storage and stowage
– Monitoring and control compliance with regulation
– Taking precautions to prevent pollution to the environment due to fuel spillage
– Taking precautions and enforcing health and safety measures
– Preventing, controlling and fighting fires and using fire extinguishing systems


36 hours (30h theory + 6h simulator)

Number of trainees

Minimum 6 / Maximum 12


– STCW Code, section A-V/3 : Standard of specified minimum competence regarding the advanced training for vessels subject to the IGF Code
Decree dated 19 July 2017 related to the delivery of the required titles for services on board IGF ships


– Machine installations using gas as fuel, regulation
– Safely operating ships using fuels referred to in the IGF Code
– Precautions to prevent risks connected to the fuel. Execution and monitoring operations related to the fuels used
– Fire-fighting operations onboard ships using fuels referred to in the IGF Code
– Physical and chemical properties of the fuels used
– Remote control of the propulsion system and of the machines and systems operating on the fuels used
– Storage spaces dedicated to the fuels referred to in the IGF Code / Safety of bunkering operations / Fighting pollution / Technique to store hydrogen


ENSM Marseille, Le Havre or Saint-Malo campuses


Specialised trainers

Validation of training

Acquiring standards of competence STCW A-V/3-2

Training certificate



Asked about their training at the French Maritime Academy (ENSM), the trainees were satisfied at 77%.


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